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Here at Salesforce, you’ll achieve incredible things when you join one of our high-performing teams. Together, we’re inspiring the future of business with CRM + AI + Data + Trust, creating cutting-edge technology, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it.

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Calling all Salesblazers! As a member of our world-class Sales team, you’ll be a trusted advisor to the world's most admired companies, helping them to connect to their customers, partners, and people in a whole new way. Together, you'll inspire the future of business — and reimagine the future of selling.

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Technology & Product

What if your code could change the world? Well, here at Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM — it can. Our T&P teams are creating cutting-edge, AI-first technologies that connect the world and strengthen relationships between customers and communities. They have front-row seats to our customers’ digital transformations through CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

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Customer Success

We’re called the Customer Company for a reason. Here at Salesforce, our Customer Success Group (that’s CSG) helps companies – from nonprofits to enterprise organizations – achieve their most ambitious goals, accelerate AI-first innovation, and connect with their customers in a whole new way.

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Marketing & Communications

If you live and breathe creativity, strategic thinking, innovation, and customer success — then our Marketing and Communications teams may be for you. As the proud voice of Salesforce, these employees share company news, promote our values, and inspire the entire industry through their actions.

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Employee Success

Move over, Human Resources — we’re so focused on our employees’ success that we named our entire organization after it. Our Employee Success (ES) team supports the programs and processes to help our employees be their best, both inside and outside of work.

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Real Estate & Workplace Services

There is no innovation without inspiration. Salesforce’s Real Estate and Workplace Services team creates spaces that fuel collaboration, connection, learning, and innovation across our entire global campus. (That’s 30+ countries!)

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We’re a $30+ billion company — and we couldn’t do it without our Finance team. Whether it’s supporting new clients, working on emerging businesses, or collaborating with long-standing customers, our Finance team helps to navigate Salesforce through rapid growth and transformation.

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Legal & Corporate Affairs

The role of the Legal and Corporate Affairs team is simple: They work to protect Salesforce so our teams can do the best work of their lives. These professionals distinguish Salesforce as the most trusted tech company in the world and help to build a better tomorrow.

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Salesforce Research

We’re inspiring the future of business with Data + AI + CRM + Trust — and our Salesforce Research team is at the forefront. We’ve assembled the best AI researchers, engineers, product managers, and designers to build the next generation of AI CRM tools and connect our customers to their customers in a whole new way.

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Business Technology

Tirelessly working behind the scenes, our Business Technology (BT) team ensures Salesforce runs smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. Whether they’re rolling out new Slack innovations or delivering technology updates, BT ensures that we all can consistently deliver our very best work.

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Every day, we refine, iterate and explore how to make work better for everyone. Join us in creating a better future of work that’s more connected, inclusive and flexible.

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I love the Salesforce Culture — I get the opportunity to work with talented, diverse and high-performing individuals who innovate daily! Together we drive customer success, and make a difference.


Senior Director, Belgium

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At Salesforce, not only have I had the pleasure of working with extremely sharp people, but I’ve also found my fellow employees to be supportive, dedicated, kind, and understanding. These are invaluable qualities that are rarely found in one place.


Software Engineer, Chicago

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What I love most about Salesforce is the people that surround me — first of all my team and my closer organisation. In Dublin, what unites everyone is the desire for something new. This creates a dynamic, open, and friendly environment.


Territory Account Executive

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Customer Success

How Salesforce Mexico City’s Global Delivery Center is Opening Doors to Growth

Director Sanket Deshpande is taking on the career opportunity of a lifetime: going to a new country to create a culture and knowledge exchange between veteran Salesforce Customer Success experts from India and the new Global Delivery team he's building in Mexico City.

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Customer Success

All Trails Lead to Salesforce: Navigating a Career in Customer Success

We sat down with three Salesforce Customer Success Group members to hear their stories, explore their top career advice, and understand what drove them to Salesforce (and why they stay – or even come back!)

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Career Growth

Making the Transition from the Military to a Tech Career at Salesforce

For Army vet Kim Sembrano, joining Salesforce was the result of a lot of planning and networking. Discover how she made the transition, and why she recommends it to other military veterans.

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