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Salesforce Stories

From career journeys to equality spotlights, product innovations to event recaps, check out the latest tales from the Salesforce trails.

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4 Reasons to Join the Salesforce Talent Community

Have you heard of Salesforce's Talent Community? There are many reasons to join, but lucky for you, we've narrowed it down to the top four! Check it out:

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Overcoming Complex Obstacles: Revealing Tableau’s Process for Creating New Features and Functionality

Dive into the world of Tableau's Project Sharing and Permissions (PSP) team as they craft and deploy cutting-edge features, revolutionizing functionality and ensuring seamless operations.

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Career Growth

From Career Break to Breakthrough: Finding Place and Purpose at Salesforce

Shraddha Tirthali, Engagement Delivery Manager, has an inherent drive for customer success — a passion that led her to Salesforce, where she found not just a job, but a community and platform for growth.

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Culture & Connection

Salesforce Equality Group Leader on the Business Impact of Black Voices

We spoke with Katara Giles, an Engagement Delivery Manager and Global President of BOLDforce, about her unique journey to Salesforce, BOLDforce’s focus on intersectionality, and how Salesforce’s community of Black employees is making an impact on our business.

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Career Growth

How One Account Executive Navigates the Silicon Docks

With a career spanning three countries — Germany, Spain, and Ireland — discover how this Account Executive found her way dancing through Dublin, closing deals and growing her career every step of the way.

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How Eva Discovered Her Career Path

Eva Sennrich transitioned from design to programming and unlocked a career she didn’t think was possible after completing Futureforce Tech Launchpad. In 2021, Eva joined the brand new Futureforce Tech Launchpad program, a 10-week computer science…

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Artificial Intelligence

Inside AI Research: Conquering Complex Challenges to Power Next Generation Innovations

Meet Yingbo Zhou, a Senior Director of Research for Salesforce AI Research, where he leads his team to advance AI — focusing on the fields of natural language processing and software intelligence.

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