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Salesforce Stories

From career journeys to equality spotlights, product innovations to event recaps, check out the latest tales from the Salesforce trails.

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4 Reasons to Join the Salesforce Talent Community

Have you heard of Salesforce's Talent Community? There are many reasons to join, but lucky for you, we've narrowed it down to the top four! Check it out:

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Career Growth

Top Tech Sales Hiring Tips from Salesforce Recruiters

In our Tech Sales Career Guide, three Salesforce recruiters from around the world share their most useful resources and practical tips to prepare for and apply to the right tech sales job for you.

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The New Einstein for Developers Streamlines Your Workflow: Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Tasks

Developers must tackle time-consuming tasks such as debugging, repetitive coding, and comprehensive testing in their daily activities. Explore how the Einstein for Developers team overcame tough technical challenges to shatter that paradigm and enhance developer productivity.

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How Salesforce Women's Network is Shining a Light on Employee Excellence

In a world where women historically avoid self-promotion, Salesforce Women's Network (SWN) has cultivated a culture of celebrating the outstanding achievements of its exceptional members - loudly.

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Using AI to Make an Impact: How This Salesforce Employee Paved Her Career Path

Tina Bensman is proof that not every successful tech career is a straight line. Learn how this Engagement Delivery Manager is giving back to non-profits using her unique skillset.

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Career Growth

“Returning Felt Like a Homecoming”— How One Employee Found Her Ideal Role Back at Salesforce

Why Salesforce, and why sales? Account Executive Amy Nguyen shares why she came back to Salesforce as a Boomerang, and how her new role has her “constantly learning, facing new challenges, and getting 1% better each day.”

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Inside Data Cloud’S Secret Formula For Processing One Quadrillion Records Monthly


Inside Data Cloud’s Secret Formula for Processing One Quadrillion Records Monthly

Data Cloud’s apps layer team processes a staggering 42+ trillion records daily and a mind-boggling 1 quadrillion records monthly. Explore how the team tackles this massive scaling challenge by adopting new technologies, optimizing, and implementing guardrails to unlock deeper insights for customers.

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Showing 7 to 12 of 284 posts.

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