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Salesforce Stories

From career journeys to equality spotlights, product innovations to event recaps, check out the latest tales from the Salesforce trails.

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4 Reasons to Join the Salesforce Talent Community

Have you heard of Salesforce's Talent Community? There are many reasons to join, but lucky for you, we've narrowed it down to the top four! Check it out:

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Career Growth

A Salesforce Recruiter’s Advice on Breaking into Tech Sales

What if you could ask a Salesforce recruiter how to land an entry-level job in tech sales? Get inspired to become a Salesblazer with the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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A Philosophy of Mentorship

In the realm of mentorship, some individuals shine as beacons of inspiration. Kiran Chaudhry's journey exemplifies just that. Starting as a tutor during her master's program, Kiran found joy in helping others navigate complex subjects and uncover…

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A Trailblazer's Guide to Sales Success

In the world of sales, Isabella Di Giovanni, a 2018 Futureforce alum, is a testament to the transformative power of seizing opportunities while embracing discipline to find success.

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Artificial Intelligence

Unveiling Salesforce’s Blueprint for Sustainable AI: Where Responsibility Meets Innovation

Salesforce is guided by its core values of trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability. These values are reflected in its commitment to responsibly develop and deploy new technologies like generative AI on behalf of stakeholders — from shareholders to customers to the planet.

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Customer Success

How Salesforce Teams Prepared for a Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Cyber Week is the most wonderful time of the year for e-commerce customers. Discover how our Commerce Cloud teams collaborated and innovated to ensure holiday success.

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Career Growth

From Retail to Enterprise Software: Behind the Scenes of a Technical Support Engineer

Stephanie Iraheta, Technical Support Engineer, has one tried-and-true mantra: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. And, if you ask Stephanie, she’s been uncomfortable a lot. After all, in the last few years, Stephanie has pivoted from retail to…

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Showing 13 to 18 of 251 posts.

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