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Salesforce Stories

From career journeys to equality spotlights, product innovations to event recaps, check out the latest tales from the Salesforce trails.

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4 Reasons to Join the Salesforce Talent Community

Have you heard of Salesforce's Talent Community? There are many reasons to join, but lucky for you, we've narrowed it down to the top four! Check it out:

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AI Artificial Intelligence Einstein Copilot For Tableau


Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Building the Next Generation of AI-Driven Analytics

Many users face a learning curve associated with traditional data analytics tools. In response, Einstein Copilot for Tableau provides an AI-driven conversational interface that allows users to ask questions about their datasets and receive quick insights simply. Learn more.

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Career Growth

From Hyderabad to Dallas: A Global Journey in Customer Success

Customer Success Manager Nandini Gangadhar started at Salesforce as a new college grad in India — and eventually returned to Salesforce as a Boomerang in Texas.

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How We Scaled Salesforce Edge Up to 5 Million Orgs

Salesforce faced the challenge of inefficiently scaling its architecture to accommodate a growing number of customers, resulting in memory issues and instability, necessitating a fundamental change in configuration processing. Learn how engineers addressed this problem.

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Developer Productivity Hyperforce


In Their Own Words: 15 Salesforce Engineering Innovators Discuss the Art of Problem Solving

From innovating AI to Data Cloud and much more, Salesforce engineers employ unique approaches for tackling complex, time-sensitive challenges at scale. Explore how they solve real-world problems by thinking creatively, collaborating closely, and enhancing products to meet customer needs.

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Tableau Pulse Architecture


Innovating Tableau Pulse: Hurdling AI Integration and Scalability Obstacles for Next-Gen Customer Insights

During Tableau Pulse's pilot phase, its development team had to scale its processing from 500 to 20,000 email digests daily while effectively integrating AI/ML capabilities. Explore how they overcame those daunting obstacles to deliver a next-gen feature that provides real-time, AI-powered insights.

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Salesforce Equality Group Leader on Climate Action: ‘Everyone is a Multiplier for Change’

The Global President of Earthforce, Salesforce’s Equality Group dedicated to promoting and celebrating environmental responsibility, shares why Earthforce’s 14,000 global members believe in being better people for the planet — and creating a better planet for all people.

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Showing 13 to 18 of 284 posts.

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