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Jasmine Edison


Jasmine Edison

Jasmine has written 3 articles

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Career Growth

Navigating Your Career in Tech Sales: Dymphy Boegem’s Journey from Hospitality to Salesforce Senior Sales Manager

Dymphy Boegem, Senior Sales Manager at Salesforce, has thrived on being customer-centric and working with people from every walk of life from the beginning of her career. Learn more about how her hospitality background helped her fuel a successful sales career.

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Leadership Development

How Jessica Ross Manifested Her Way to Executive Leadership

This perfect storm of events for Jessica Ross, SVP Finance, Office of Transformation, happened in 2010 with the culmination of intense pressure to make partner at a public accounting firm, challenges parenting her two children as a single mother, all while facing a personal health struggle.

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Inspirational Leadership and Gender Equality: 7 Questions with Revolent’s Nabila Salem

Nabila Salem, President of Revolent, has been blazing trails in the technology industry since her days in school when she worked her first after-school job at an internet café in Spain.

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