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A Round Trip Career in Customer Success at Salesforce

Danielle Savino

December 01, 2021

Male Salesforce employee with collared shirt
Joe Alviani, Technical Solution Architect

Buckle up — because this career journey story is about to take off. Joe Alviani started his journey with Salesforce in 2003, as a customer, and later began his Salesforce career in 2012 as a Technical Solution Architect — a role he held for five years. He left for an opportunity at an employee benefits vendor but, after a few years, realized his journey, as a Salesforce team member didn't make it to the end of the runway. Read on to learn more about Joe’s ticket to a round-trip adventure with Salesforce.







First Stop Salesforce

Joe first built a relationship with Salesforce when he was on the customer side of the business, like many customers turned employees, Joe felt getting an even closer, inside look at Salesforce just seemed like a natural next step.


“I wanted to get more exposure to what made the company tick. It felt like a family the first time I walked through the door. Everyone was so supportive. I’d never felt that before with any company. The sense of trust was immediate.”


Since then, Joe has explored several different careers within Salesforce — always embracing the thrill of trying a new job.


As someone who’s had a successful and multi-faceted career within Salesforce — twice — Joe reminds us about the importance of boldly trying new things and that not all career growth is linear. He offers some insight on how to grow your career at Salesforce:


  1. There’s no better place than Salesforce to learn and grow your skills
  2. Chase opportunities to learn, grow, and find satisfaction in what you do every day, not titles
  3. Don’t fear what might happen; be aware of what could happen
  4. Always be open to opportunities, even if they’re outside your comfort zone


This exploration will help you develop new skills while learning more about yourself. Tap into the resources at your disposal — like Trailhead, which offers free on-demand guided learning modules on a variety of topics.


“The greatest experiences I’ve had at Salesforce have been outside my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People here don’t judge you for not knowing something. They’re genuine and always ready to help.”


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Joe’s Layover

When Joe was offered a position by an employee benefits vendor, it allowed him to use what he’d learned at Salesforce in new ways. 


“It was an opportunity to own a book of business, innovate on new products, and contribute to transforming their go-to-market strategy."


During these three-plus years, Joe kept in touch with colleagues at Salesforce. Through these close connections, he learned how Salesforce was continuing to grow and change.  For the first time in Joe’s career, he felt comfortable returning to a company. He’d learned a great deal, and he was ready to “come home.”


“The opportunity to collaborate with very intelligent people in an environment of trust — something I valued and had already experienced — was very appealing. I’d be working on large, transformative projects that took advantage of the breadth of what Salesforce offers. I was amazed at how much the company had grown in only three years.”



Return Flight to Salesforce


At Salesforce, Joe now sits in the Salesforce Customer Success Group (CSG) among a team of trusted advisers, partners, and experts crucial to the success of our customers. CSG team helps customers unleash the full power of Salesforce, find and implement technical solutions, and provide guidance on how to build new products for our clients’ needs.


Joe's team of technical architects (TAs) collaborate with Salesforce customers and partners during project planning and implementation to share their comprehensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform and product suite. Combined with their previous experience in technical architecture, enterprise integration, and business solution implementation, they drive toward the best possible business solutions to meet and exceed customers' needs.


“It’s one thing to be very technical. It's another to take that technical acumen, apply it in a business context, and have a conversation with an executive that influences and drives a desired business outcome.”

Joe is also responsible for delivery execution on some of our larger CSG efforts.


“My role there is to keep track of how we’re doing against budget and deadline. Do we need more resources? How are our communications with the customer?”


For example, a global recruiting company operating in 38 countries needed a solution to deliver a better experience for the companies and candidates they serve. The solution was to unify their various systems and streamline their processes.


“The project is enormous and complicated, but the desired business outcome is simple. Help the customer use the information it has to make better matches for companies and candidates, so people are happier in their jobs, enjoy what they are doing, and stay longer.”


Group of Salesforce employees smiling in Amsterdam
Joe and his team on their trip to Amsterdam for a Customer meeting.

Keeping Culture and Benefits on the Radar

Another highlight of Joe’s Salesforce experience? The balance he has found.“I'm grateful for the opportunity Salesforce gives me to take time off to be with my family and engage in the community I live in.”

Joe with his wife, son, and daughter smiling while posed outside of their home
Joe with his wife, son and daughter.

“Outside of Salesforce, work always seemed to take up so much time that being able to help others was always just out of reach. But Salesforce puts a lot of effort and attention into giving us that opportunity. They strongly encourage us to engage in our community. Volunteer Time Off (VTO) is a big part of the culture.” Joe’s VTO activities have been guided by events in his personal life.


Due to a personal connection, Joe joined one of Salesforce's Equality Groups, employee-led organizations that support our underrepresented communities. He has found a community within Abilityforce, which unites people with visible and invisible disabilities, employees with loved ones who are disabled, and allies.


Abilityforce aims to cultivate a culture where all employees feel empowered by their abilities and talents, and work to advance our company’s dialogue on accessibility and accommodation strategies. ”I am always seeking ways to make our communities more accessible and inclusive through my service activities. That’s why at Salesforce we strive to ensure our physical and technological environments are accessible and designed for all.”


To learn more about Abilityforce, tune in to their episode where Salesforce employees discuss workplace accommodations and how to host an accessible meeting, even in a virtual world. Want to learn more about Joe’s career journey? Connect with him on LinkedIn! Or, if his story has piqued your interest in careers at Salesforce, go ahead and explore open roles today.