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Alumni Network Spotlight - Elliot Moore

Theresa Ludvigson, T.J. Vilardi

January 31, 2020

“Salesforce Empowered Me To Learn”

A kid from Cleveland, Ohio with big dreams. Now an adult living out those same dreams from his Manhattan flat. Meet Elliot Moore➚: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a current Salesforce Alumni. Read his story below.


A Risk Worth the Reward

After graduating from Kent State University in 2004 and working in Desktop Support in Cleveland, Ohio, Elliot decided to get out of his comfort zone and take a risk. He packed up his things and headed west to San Francisco with a close friend and no job. Once in San Francisco, Elliot would be on the job search for nearly 3 months. “I made a commitment not to go back to what I was doing in Cleveland. I wanted something new, something with a more direct connection to people than IT Support,” Elliot said.


“It was hard though - I had been out of work for 3 months, hemorrhaging my savings down to $1,000 which in San Francisco goes nowhere (unlike Ohio). Then he had a stroke of luck, Elliot got an email from an acquaintance he’d met months prior, at a friend’s party - her name was Jessica Marr➚. “We have a role here at Salesforce that I think could be a great fit for,” she said. It was a technical trainer role at Salesforce. Jess helped expedite the interview process and after 3 interviews in 3 days, Elliot accepted the offer and began his Salesforce journey.


Elliot would stay at Salesforce for nearly four and a half years in a variety of roles. What started out as a technical training role, would parlay into a presentation skills trainer role and take Elliot traveling to Salesforce offices around the globe. He also stumbled into creating sales enablement videos for employees. He loved it - and to develop it even more, he leveraged Salesforce’s educational reimbursement perk➚ to sign up for an 8-week video production course. At the end of the program he directed his first film. “That perk changed the course of my entire career. Digital Storytelling is the culmination of technology, people skills, and performance - all skills I developed over my time at Salesforce,” said Elliot.


When Elliot left Salesforce, he enrolled in film school and started a part-time Salesforce consulting company to make a living. Today, 10 years later, his Salesforce consulting agency Digital Rupix, services 13 customers across the United States and his Production Company, The Build Creative, specializes in video productions in the Bay Area and NYC. Salesforce even hired his team for two celebrity shoots that featured some of Salesforce’s executives. 


Giving Back

Through college, he volunteered a few days a month to tutor local students at an after-school program. Service was natural to him, “afterall, so many of the advantages I had, came from someone else giving me a chance. It wasn’t until joining Salesforce that I saw that corporate culture could sponsor the give back. That corporations can actually be the vehicle for good.”


This year, in honor of his grandma (pictured below) who purchased his first computer, Elliot started ‘Susie’s Wagon.’ His program rewards Apple laptops to underprivileged students in New York City and Northeastern Ohio who are nominated by their community. This year, he will place 20 brand new Macbooks in the hands of students like Elliot - those who have the desire but need a little help (and technology). He hopes to double the program in size in the coming years!


Alumni Status

When asked about being a Salesforce Alumni, Elliot gushed. “It’s one of the few LinkedIn groups I track regularly. I love hearing about the success of my peers, people I trained, or who trained me. All of us who are part of Salesforce, have a common connection,” he said. “It really was and continues to be the corporate family that cheers for each other. The comments, updates and celebrations from the group keep me connected to headquarters - no matter how far away I may be from my San Francisco home.”

Want to learn more about Elliot’s career journey? Connect with him on LinkedIn➚! Or, if his story has piqued your interest in careers at Salesforce, go ahead and explore open roles today.

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