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Destination Salesforce: From Luxury Cars in Germany to Tech Sales in Ireland

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October 26, 2022

Salesforce’s unique core values shape our culture and guide everything we do, from hiring passionate candidates to building meaningful connections with our customers, communities, and each other. Account Executive Florine Lutz would agree, having embraced Salesforce’s flex environment since pivoting from automotive sales in Munich, Germany.


But there were other factors that pushed Florine to move across Europe with her 3-year-old Labrador Münsterländer named Tia. Her introduction as a customer to Customer 360, Salesforce’s integrated CRM platform, combined with her positive experience during and after her Salesforce interview, all helped seal her decision to relocate and grow her tech sales career at Salesforce’s expanding office in Dublin, Ireland.


So far, Florine has settled comfortably into her new role and country and even completed Ireland’s Waterford Viking Half-Marathon (her first ever). She shared more about her motivations for switching industries, crossing regional borders, and why candidates in Europe should consider a move to the Emerald Isle.


What’s it like being an Account Executive (AE) at Salesforce and how do you support the business?

I help generate new business for medium-sized German companies. The more employees there are, the more strategic the account is, and the more people involved in the project. So, it’s important we understand the company as well as its employees.


As an AE, I’m focused on uncovering my prospects’ challenges. I often speak with c-level executives such as CEOs who are the primary decision-makers. At every stage of the sales process, I’m researching, information-gathering, and focusing on understanding prospects’ specific needs and how our solution can deliver added value to their organisation.


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What convinced you to relocate from Munich?

I think it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and experience and learn new things. Some of the things I was most afraid to do before relocating (like training for a half-marathon!) have ended up being the most rewarding. 

Florine smiles with a marathon medal.


While I was interviewing with Salesforce, I also met with automotive companies. In every interview, those companies asked me the same questions: “Can you tell me the basics? Can you tell us what you want? What did you do before?” However, Salesforce really stood out and was the only company that was transparent throughout the hiring process. I appreciated my interview partners’ insightful questions about my passions and goals and was impressed by everyone I met. That’s when I began to consider Ireland as a destination for my career. 


What part of your relocation with Salesforce was most helpful in getting you acclimated in Dublin?

I didn’t know anyone in Dublin before moving there. Luckily, my team members reached out before I arrived and gave me useful tips on the housing market and life in Dublin. They also set up a gathering before my first day of work so we could meet in person. That meant a lot to me. Salesforce also included two agencies to facilitate my move from Germany to Dublin in my job offer package, which was a big help.


What would you say are the top skills needed to be a successful AE?

Building trust with customers and helping our customers succeed is crucial. Trust and customer success are two of our core values. Establishing that strong foundation positions you as a consultant instead of someone who just wants to sell something. In other words, it’s all about consultation, understanding, and cultivating a successful relationship. As soon as you have the trust, the rest comes naturally.


Being authentic, listening carefully, and understanding your customer are the basics of a successful deal. When you're in discussions with 10 people across various departments, understanding their respective goals — whether it's the head of professional services who wants a faster system or the CEO who wants to save money — makes your job as an AE more efficient and drives the project's success.


What do you like most about working in Salesforce’s Dublin office?

The Dublin office has many employees from different backgrounds and nationalities. Though people have the option to work from home, I have team members who often work from the office. That in-person interaction helped me immensely as a new hire.


There’s a big difference in building connections when grabbing coffee or going to lunch with a coworker versus setting an appointment with someone virtually. Tools like Slack encourage fast communication. But nothing replaces working side-by-side. Plus, at the end of the sales quarter, the office activity creates a great closing atmosphere.


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Any tips for candidates outside of Ireland who are thinking about relocating to Dublin?


Just do it! Go into the process with an open mind. Ultimately, what convinced me to join Salesforce and move to Dublin was its strong commitment to trust, customer success, and its employees.


Having lots of support from my manager and Solution Engineering team has been excellent; our culture of helping others succeed is what I like so much about selling at Salesforce. I sit with smart people with considerable knowledge who have built a career here, which makes every day a learning experience for me.


Think about what you want for your career and professional goals, then create a path for where you want to go. And most importantly, don’t stop learning!


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