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Doing What It Takes — A Winning Formula for Sales Success

Valerie Nadi

February 06, 2020

In May 2018, Salesforce completed its acquisition of MuleSoft, one of the world's leading platforms for building application networks. With MuleSoft, Salesforce can accelerate their customers’ digital transformation efforts, enabling them to unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps, and devices. In this blog, we feature Salesforce Account Executive Veronica Schrems, who covers Switzerland for MuleSoft.


When MuleSoft Account Executive (AE) Veronica Schrems signed on with the company five years ago, it was the vibe and growth mentality that attracted her. At the time MuleSoft operated out of a small, London-based office covering all of Europe. The company motto, “Connect anything. Change everything.”, excited Veronica — even though she didn’t exactly understand the technical aspects.


“I didn’t have a lot of experience in tech, and definitely not in integration. But I really liked the product, people, and vision so I knew that’s where I wanted to go.”


A Do-What-It-Takes Attitude

When she joined MuleSoft, Veronica wanted to feel that what she did mattered — that she could have an impact on the company and its customers.


“MuleSoft has a vision, great marketing, and a ‘do-what-it-takes’ attitude. That’s what really drew me to it. I knew I could make an impact for our customers and the company.”


Since starting her journey with inside sales, Veronica has had five roles at the company. She likes the fact that success in sales is clearly measurable. Performance, not politics is what counts.


Tips for Over-Performing in Sales


For aspiring sales “overperformers,” Veronica has some field-tested recommendations.


  1. Prioritise QualificationArguably the most important part of selling is qualification. Put your efforts into opportunities that are a strong fit with your company. Understand where you add value to the customer and focus on those businesses, rather than chasing big names. Target prospects that are more likely to appreciate and benefit from the transformation you offer.

  2. Swarm Together for Success: Speak up to gain the resources you need. Pull everyone together and ensure responsibilities are clear and designated. For example, a Solution Engineer can help with a lot of hands-on work like demos and proof of concepts (POCs). Leveraging everyone’s unique strengths ensures a better solution.

  3. Align on Vision: Closing is a lot about reading people, understanding the account, and knowing the value you’re delivering. You want to make sure they’ve bought into the vision of digital transformation. Faster time to market. Reducing IT backlog. If you’re aligned and have proven the business case, you’ll have the confidence to stand behind your offer.

  4. Maintain Balance: In a fast-paced industry, it’s easy to spread yourself too thin. But in the end, that’s not sustainable. Volunteering can be a great way to recharge. "Giving back and spending time with my dogs really helps balance the scales. Having management that supports philanthropy and a healthy work-life integration is essential."

Selling the Vision of Digital Transformation

One of Veronica’s most instructive wins came with a large German manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial installations. At first glance the company didn’t appear to be a great fit.


“Some companies are transformational — they have the vision, are moving to the cloud, and have Salesforce in place. But this company had an older software solution wall-to-wall and was afraid of the cloud.”


The company had an outdated instance of MuleSoft, which it was quickly outgrowing.


“They needed an enterprise solution. Moving from the community platform to the enterprise platform is a big change, but necessary to scale with company growth. Replatforming caused the company to pause and consider different solutions. But alongside our Customer Success team, we showed them our value and the broader picture.”


As the project developed, the company CIO thanked the MuleSoft team for the way it collaborated as a trusted partner — affirming that he had made the right choice. Veronica also pointed out that this customer was not far along in its transformational journey. It was heavily invested in on-premise legacy apps and afraid of the cloud. So, partnering closely with the customer’s executive team, remaining accountable throughout the process, and delivering what was promised made a strong impression.


“That’s another reason why I really enjoy working for Salesforce. Recurring business is so important to us. We don’t just sell the dream, walk away, and then let them deal with it. We are accountable and deliver what we promise. Customers really appreciate that way of working because it shows a true partnership.”


No One Size Fits All

For those considering a role with Salesforce, Veronica offers this advice:


“Because we are growing so fast, things change constantly. Consequently, you have to adapt and be flexible. Challenges and opportunities arise every day. Sometimes there’s a path and sometimes we have to blaze our own trail.”



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