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Dublin is Calling: Finding Sales Success in Ireland

Sadie Evans

December 12, 2023

You're a rising sales superstar, right? So are our Dublin-based Salesforce BDRs, or Business Development Representatives. BDRs are responsible for developing a deep understanding of an organisation’s business processes, obstacles, and goals — and passing on those leads to Account Executives.


Recently, Salesforce Dublin sales professionals Danyal Cremerius, Brian Adeleye, Amel Hallouzi, and Aileen Beyer took to the virtual stage to share their professional experiences, including their relocations to Dublin from different cities across Europe. Check out some of their wisdom below — and you can watch the full recording here.

How to Land a Sales Development Role at Salesforce Dublin Recorded Session


Tell us about your career journey— how did you get here?

Brian: I'm originally from Belgium ... that's where I started my my SaaS and tech journey. I have a background in legal, which is completely different from what you would consider coming into SaaS and tech. I started as a campaign analyst, then moved into sales as a BDR at a different company. [I] built my sales career there to eventually becoming Account Director [for] mid-market enterprise.


I have a strong passion for coaching and mentoring, so it was a logical step when Salesforce came knocking: I know the resources that Salesforce has, I love the culture, I love what they stand for — it was easy enough to make that decision. [Now I’m] managing a killer team; they’re doing amazing, and I love to see them grow.


Amel: I majored in linguistics — totally different from business development! But this is exactly what attracted me to Salesforce: how open [the company is] to different professional backgrounds. How excited they are to utilise the different skills that different individuals have. The business development role itself is so multifaceted that you get to do a number of different things every day. It never feels like a set-in-stone routine, and I'm quite excited to see what will the future bring.


What are some of the interesting business problems that BDRs get to solve at Salesforce?

Aileen: I'm focusing on start-ups or companies that don't have more than 10 employees. They are just building the processes, and they're trying to figure out what is the best way to really perform as a business. We are asking lots of questions in the beginning, because we really want to make sure that we understand what the main pain point is and what the main goal is, so we can identify the right product from Salesforce, and also the product that is aligned with their budget.

Photo of Salesforce Tower Dublin on the river
Salesforce Tower Dublin, newly opened in 2023

What is your number one takeaway from relocating to Dublin?

Aileen: First of all, it's getting out of your comfort zone. I used to live in Barcelona; I had my processes, my daily routine, and everything. But I knew that there was a place where I could really progress my career with high speed. I think Dublin really is the epicenter of career progression and building a great network of people.


There are lots of different companies in Dublin, and you can learn from the best people because they are all centralised here. And I think that's such a key advantage compared to other countries. There has not been any moment where I was in doubt because I was welcomed by the people and also helped by everybody.


Amel: The truth is that it can be jarring when you have to leave your home, leave everything that you know, and move to a new city. But I can say, for me, that the resources that were provided by Salesforce ... have truly made the process of relocating here to Dublin incredibly smooth. I was accompanied every step of the way. I was always being checked upon making sure that I had everything that I needed.


[Dublin] is an incredibly fun city. There is a reason why we call Dublin the San Francisco of Europe! It is really the hub of tech. It is the place to be if you want to kick-start your career.


What’s a unique perk of working as a BDR in Dublin at Salesforce?

Danyal: I'm broadcasting from Bangalore, India! We're all based in Dublin, as it is our main European hub, but we're very lucky, as employees in Ireland are provided with 30 working days per year that we are able to work from any other country where we have an office.


Learn more about Salesforce’s Return and Remote approach.

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Salesforce Dublin employees discuss what they love about working out of the new Dublin Tower.


How do you keep up with emerging technologies like AI and the fast pace of change in the tech industry?

Aileen: This morning before I came into this [webinar], we had an enablement session about how ChatGPT works within the Salesforce environment. [Continuous learning] is definitely a big part of your career journey at Salesforce. You will always get access to resources. You will have the help of your team.


Amel: There's a big difference between seeing these new technologies from the outside world and being here at a company like Salesforce, where you very much are at the forefront of innovation — you are witnessing these new technologies as they're being born, as they're being developed, as they're being utilised. And you get to really be part of that movement of the future, and I feel that is quite a privilege.


What is your best advice for someone who wants to join Salesforce?

Brian: Think about your story. That's a trait that we all have here at Salesforce. Why? Because we value it so much. We tell stories to our customers all the time. We tell stories to each other all the time. We all see the value and the power of a good story. Think about your story, and try to articulate that the best you can, because stories resonate.


Danyal: For me it was about the why: what is my why? I know that Salesforce offers me great career opportunities working in countries all over the world. I love the product, I love the culture, and I love the opportunities and what I can bring to the company. And this is my personal why. Find your why- it will help you stand out.


Interested in joining this group of Trailblazers as a BDR in Dublin? Apply today!

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What’s it like to relocate to Dublin, Ireland, to work for Salesforce? Diana Melnikova, Business Development Representative, is sharing what her transition was like and why there’s no better feeling than setting our customers up for success.

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