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Four Ways to Ace Your Virtual Interview

Kirsten Cornelius

July 03, 2023

The last few years have brought about a seismic shift in our world and workplaces. We’ve navigated a pandemic, embraced new digital tools, and learned that sweatpants can, indeed, be considered business casual.


Both employers and job-seekers have had to adapt like never before, including during the job interview process. Today, interviews may be conducted either in-person or virtually — and we’re here to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of the virtual interview.


So, are you ready to stand out like never before? Whether you’re a seasoned interview pro or a newbie to the digital world, we’ve compiled our top four tips for acing your next virtual interview.


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At Salesforce it’s rare to attend a meeting without at least a few participants attending virtually. Ask nearly any Salesforce employee about the feeling of meeting someone in-person for the first time after countless meetings on the screen. Chances are they will tell you it feels like seeing a best friend after a long period of time. This feeling is proof that you can get to know someone in your neighboring city or across the world through a screen.


With the advancement of video conferencing technology, the opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime becomes a reality. More and more we see companies incorporating virtual meetings into their day-to-day and it’s becoming commonplace in the interview process. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution being a compelling communicator – including online – is a critical skill to help advance your career. We’ve compiled tips to help you stand out on the screen.


1. Prepare the Basics

Feeling nervous before any interview is natural, and preparing the basics can help you feel more confident in your virtual setup. Think of the following checklist as your must-do list before the interview — each step will help ensure that you're fully prepared, positive, and ready to impress your interviewer on screen.


  • Pick a great space: MA great interview space comes down to three factors: sound, lighting, and background. Pick a quiet area free from interruptions, with natural lighting. Avoid sitting with your back to a window and opt for a neutral background.
  • Test your setup: Arrange a tech test run with a friend or family member prior to the interview, and wear noise-canceling headphones for clear audio. Familiarize yourself with the controls, as your recruiting coordinator may use a platform you’re not familiar with, such as Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Power up: Ensure your computer has full power and is plugged in.
  • Be visible: Keep your camera on unless there's lag. To improve connectivity, move closer to your router or connect directly. If connectivity issues can't be resolved, discuss turning off the camera with the interviewer — but remember that some with hearing impairments may prefer to keep videos on for speechreading. Enable closed captioning by following these directions.
  • Join on time: Arrive early, just as you would for an on-site interview.
  • Be present: Give the interviewer 100% of your attention, and show a genuine interest in the company, the position, and the industry. Turn off your other technology to avoid multi-tasking, such as checking email, phone, etc.

Pssst: Don't let unexpected technical glitches throw you off your game! If something goes wrong during your virtual interview, take a deep breath and use it as an opportunity. Whether it's a technical challenge or an interruption (yep, we've all had that cat walking across the keyboard), approach the situation with a sense of humor and showcase your adaptability and problem-solving skills. Remember, handling adversity can be just as important as your qualifications and experience.


2. Get ready and rehearse

The following best practices apply to both on-site and virtual interviews.


  • Review the job description: Review the job description, highlight your relevant skills, and be ready to showcase them during the application process. If you're missing some skills, emphasize your eagerness to learn and grow. This demonstrates your initiative and drive to better yourself to potential employers.
  • Research the interviewer(s): After interview attendees are confirmed, look them up on professional networking sites like LinkedIn to get familiar with their background(s). Identify questions based on their experience and interests.
  • Rehearse: If you're expected to give a panel presentation, practice beforehand with family, friends, or colleagues to improve your speaking abilities and clarify your main ideas.

3. Demonstrate your enthusiasm

Make a great first impression in interviews by expressing your excitement for the role, the company, and showcasing what motivates you to work there. Authenticity is key to building trust which — here at Salesforce — is our top value.


  • Dress the part: Salesforce tends to be more casual, but this doesn't mean there isn't a time or a place to step it up.
  • Be confident: Organize your thoughts and practice your responses beforehand. Conversationally share your background and experiences in the interview.
  • Share your interests: Be honest about your likes, dislikes, values, and goals to ensure that you and the company are a perfect match.
  • Embrace feedback: Ask and incorporate feedback to demonstrate a learner mindset. Be prepared to give feedback and ask questions, too — it shows your interest and observations.

4. Send thank you notes

A thank you note after an interview is a simple yet important step in the job application process. By expressing gratitude and following up on any outstanding questions, you can reinforce your interest in the position and leave a positive impression on the interviewers.


Salesforce’s goal is to support you in making a lasting impression during your interview process. We encourage you to visit our Careers Site for even more valuable tips, explore additional career advice, and read about the career journeys of our current Salesforce employees.


Looking to learn more about the Salesforce interview process? Check out the Navigate the Salesforce Hiring Process Trailhead Module and our how we hire page to get the latest.


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