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From Career Break to Breakthrough: Finding Place and Purpose at Salesforce

Pragya Sharma

February 05, 2024

Shraddha poses for a headshot on a red couch against a white wall
Shraddha Tirthali, Engagement Delivery Manager

Change has been one of the only constants for Shraddha Tirthali, Engagement Delivery Manager at Salesforce. (Case in point: As a military spouse, she’s moved to 12 different houses since getting married!)

But, what hasn’t changed? Her inherent drive for customer success — a passion that led her to Salesforce, where she found not just a job, but a community and platform for growth.

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Juggling change, challenges, and career success

“Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and mine have often come in the form of job changes,” said Shraddha. “In the pre-pandemic world, remote work wasn't the norm, and so just as I'd settle into a new role and start hitting my stride, my husband's field assignments would send us on the move again,” said Shraddha. 

This constant motion wasn't easy. When she moved with her husband to a small village in the northeastern part of India, she found herself compelled to take a career break.

“Once, I was visiting my mother when a neighbour inquired about my work,” said Shraddha. “When I confessed that I hadn’t been working for almost a year and a half, his response was one I'll never forget: 'You've wasted a seat at COEP Pune's best Engineering college.' While it stung (and was, of course, not true!), her mother supported her and wouldn't let her wallow. "Her ask was that I rebuild my confidence and — when I was ready — restart my professional journey."

Shraddha’s previous company introduced her to the Salesforce ecosystem, and she was fascinated by its potential, vastness, and impact. So, when the opportunity to join the Salesforce Global Delivery Centre (GDC) team arose, she knew it was a chance to be part of something bigger.

Since then, her Salesforce journey has taken her through various roles, each one offering new opportunities for growth. Today, Shraddha is an Engagement Delivery Manager, where she collaborates with customers and helps them unlock the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

“We interact with customers, work through their requirements, and tweak the existing product to suit their needs. In a nutshell, implementations and customisations are a huge part of our work.”


The impact of supportive networks and work-life harmony

But it couldn’t have been easy, returning to work and joining such a large organisation?

Shraddha poses with her family outside in front of a body of water
Shraddha Tirthali with her family.

“Definitely not. I was worried about even updating my resume and accepted the first call I got [from her previous company],” said Shraddha. “I jumped at the offer, even though the salary wasn’t commensurate to my skillset, as I thought I did not have much negotiating power. However, when I moved to Salesforce, I really appreciated that the compensation did not depend on previous salary or ability to negotiate but was at par with my ability and skill set.”

"Hence, I strongly support initiatives like Salesforce India’s Return to Work program. The six-month program includes classroom and on-the-job training, mentorship and a chance to apply for open roles within Salesforce India. I think it really gives a leg up to women looking to jumpstart their professional journeys after a break.”

Shraddha quickly found her stride within Salesforce, thanks in large part to a structured onboarding and supportive community of colleagues.

“My early days at GDC were filled with challenges and excitement,” said Shraddha. She adds that the structured onboarding program and approachable mentors ensured she had the knowledge and confidence to thrive in this new environment. A large part of the credit also goes to a network of incredible colleagues and mentors.


Finding her fit at Salesforce

Shraddha poses with her team of seven other people at a team outing
Shraddha Tirthali with her team.

Shraddha felt a deep sense of belonging at Salesforce soon after she joined. “The culture of collaboration, open communication, and assurance that all contributions are valued and appreciated — everything comes together to make it one of the best places to work at.”

But, what really impressed her was Salesforce’s commitment to employee wellbeing and a strong sense of ‘Ohana. CSG's India Women's Leadership Development Program provided her with another opportunity and a community to thrive and excel. The numerous programs and learning and development opportunities also ensured that she constantly challenged herself.

“ The culture of collaboration, open communication, and assurance that all contributions are valued and appreciated — everything comes together to make it one of the best places to work at.”

“From self-paced learning like Trailheads to Education reimbursement Programs designed to support employees further their professional development by pursuing various courses from Globally reputed institutions, there is something for everyone. We even have Slack channels where we get regular updates about industry trends, upcoming releases, new product features, and much more.”

“Plus, our talent experience portal offers sessions related to presentation skills, emotional intelligence, winning habits, and more. The well-being of the employees is very important, and the Company offers employees coaching opportunities like BetterUp. It was during one such personal session, organised by BetterUp, that my coach asked me to practice more self-compassion and self-care while juggling the roles I play in my professional and personal life.”

“From self-paced learning to education reimbursement programs, the Company offers something for everyone's professional development journey.”

“I think we women are too hard on ourselves. We need to understand that it is not humanly possible to excel at everything that we do,” said Shraddha. “Don’t feel bad about taking the ‘me time’ you need. Salesforce has shown me that when we prioritise ourselves, when we are paid what we deserve, and when we do a job we love, we are able to go above and beyond. I feel fully empowered to create the kind of magic Salesforce is known for.”

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