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From Hyderabad to Dallas: A Global Journey in Customer Success

Salesforce Careers

April 19, 2024

Delivering customer success means the world to Nandini Gangadhar — quite literally.


Nandini first started her career as an Associate Support Engineer at Salesforce in Hyderabad, India, and is now a Salesforce Customer Success Manager located in Dallas, Texas. With a career spanning continents, companies, and even Salesforce teams (yes, Nandini is a proud double-Salesforce Boomerang!), one thing has always remained steadfast: her commitment to customer success.


Learn more about Nandini’s unique experience and what a day in the Salesforce Customer Success Group looks like in our latest interview.


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Finding Success in Customer Success

Nandini standing between Salesforce mascots Codey and Astro with the Salesforce logo behind them
Nandini at Salesforce Tower with Codey and Astro

As a Customer Success Manager, Nandini supports three customers in the CMT (Communications, Media, and Technology) industry.

“It’s a limited assignment,” she describes. “So we can have enough time to really understand and dig deep with each customer.”

She collaborates across teams – Marketing, Support, Product, Sales, and more – to give guidance on how each of these customers can maximize their value from the Salesforce suite. She helps them best utilize Salesforce products, and to address any challenges or concerns they are facing.

“Our work doesn’t just end at providing solutions,” Nandini explains. “We also go that extra mile of following up on whether that solution worked and see whether it has fixed challenges on a longer term.”


Nandini’s Salesforce Boomerang Journey

Though she started at Salesforce right out of college, Nandini tried a few other companies throughout her career journey — yet she always found herself back at Salesforce.

“I’m a double Boomerang,” says Nandini. “And one thing that brought me back was how Salesforce treats its employees.” A few of the benefits that Nandini credits for her return include the health and wellness programs, the emphasis on volunteerism, and the professional development opportunities.

One of those professional development opportunities is the opportunity to upskill in generative AI, which Salesforce continues to innovate in through its products and trainings. “I was recently able to explore Slack AI,” says Nandini. “And the feature that summarizes conversations saves a lot of time, instead of scrolling back through pages and pages of discussion. The summaries are exceptional.”

Nandini’s also passionate about the culture at Salesforce – how it embraces and promotes innovation and trust, and how it’s customer-centric. “We always drive customer success,” she says. “No matter if you’re working in Product or Marketing, the end goal is to make your customers happy.”


Paying It Forward

Working at a company that supports her professional and personal growth, that has innovative technology and strong company values, and that provides opportunities to work with dynamic and diverse teams inspires Nandini every day.

Nandini sitting between family members
Nandini with her family

“There have been multiple opportunities that Salesforce has provided me throughout my career,” notes Nandini. “Whether it be accepting me as a fresh college graduate or as an immigrant in this country ... Salesforce really shaped me into an expert in the industry.”

“I encourage my relatives and friends to get into the Salesforce ecosystem, not just for the product, but also the initiatives Salesforce is taking on,” she says. “My own sister also works for the Salesforce community working for an implementation partner in India.”

Nandini’s Customer Success Career Tips

Looking to further your career in Customer Success — or maybe start your own journey at Salesforce? Here, Nandini shares a few tips for those in similar Customer Success roles that she finds helpful in her day-to-day:


  • Understand and anticipate customer needs: “If you understand your customer and what they are looking for, you can provide any service to them.”
  • Proactive support and engagement: “Don’t sit back and wait until an issue comes up. Provide support by identifying the potential issue and reaching out to the customer with a proactive solution.”
  • Clear communication and expectation setting: “Set expectations with customers on what they will see from you and on how you can help them to set yourself up for a successful strong relationship.”

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