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Growing with Salesforce for 10+ Years

Mia Simon

September 29, 2022

The way we work is, and has been, changing. As industries evolve, employees within companies such as Salesforce have also adjusted. We celebrate every person who has been a part of Salesforce’s culture, including Eva Mave Ng, an employee who has chosen to stay and embrace the changes and challenges.


The terms “great reshuffle” and “great resignation” may be notable to those who’ve navigated the job market in the past few years. Many people are searching for their next career, trying to find that perfect combination of loving their day job and living their values. Salesforce has embraced the "great reshuffle,” championing its more than 77,000 employees (with tens of thousands hired since 2020) to grow and evolve their careers. Some have chosen to forge new trails elsewhere, but there’s something special about staying to watch a company grow and thrive while simultaneously building the career of your dreams.


Eva Mave Ng, PreSales Solution Engineer at Salesforce working on MuleSoft, can speak to that. For more than 10 years, Eva has watched Salesforce grow into the company it is today — one that is inclusive, innovative, and intentional about customer success.


Choosing to stay with Salesforce

Eva with Codey and Einstein at World Tour Sydney
Eva with Codey and Einstein at World Tour Sydney

“Salesforce is a fast-moving, high-tech company. That drives my curiosity and motivation to work and perform within the organisation,” Eva says. Her curiosity was sparked more than 10 years ago when she joined the company as a senior business analyst. Since then, Eva has held several different positions and navigated different job segments.


Now, as a Presales Solution Engineer based in Sydney, Eva works with prospective MuleSoft customers and helps oversee sales cycles from beginning to end. In her current role, Eva lives out Salesforce’s core value of customer success everyday. Supporting the MuleSoft account and sales teams, she helps customers build successful brands by providing them with the technology and tools needed for growth and sustainability.


Throughout her Salesforce career, Eva has pursued opportunities to gain more customer-facing experience and ultimately get the career she wants. Taking a leap and joining the company more than 10 years ago made it possible to grow with the brand as it evolved and expanded. “There are many opportunities within Salesforce to develop my skills, experience, and career path,” Eva says. Being a part of a team that helps the Salesforce ecosystem maintain the title of #1 CRM in the world is not something to take lightly, but that’s not the only reason this tenured trailblazer has decided to stay.


Investing in personal values

“I joined the company because [its] core values are very aligned to my personal core values,” Eva says. If one thing is clear, it’s that she’s all about community, whether she’s working through her day-to-day responsibilities with her team or spending time with fellow members of Asiapacforce, our Employee Resource Group (ERG) for the Asia-Pacific community. She has fostered many relationships while growing her career and made many memories along the way. Attending Salesforce World Tour stops in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, participating in different volunteer activities, and taking part in launching the Australia and New Zealand chapter of Asiapacforce are just a few highlights.

Eva and her colleagues in the Salesforce Sydney Tower
Eva and her colleagues in the Salesforce Sydney Tower

Cultivating community comes naturally for Eva because there are so many different opportunities to build connections and have crucial conversations. As a member of the Asian community, Eva finds it important to share about her heritage and help create experiences that make it possible for her colleagues to do the same. In corporate spaces, underrepresented communities are often challenged with finding spaces where they feel comfortable bringing up concerns.


Eva believes being a part of an ERG has provided her with a comfort zone to share and be honest about individual challenges, doubt, curiosity and also, pride. “I joined Asiapacforce to seek allyship and promote our unique Asian heritage, culture, and identity,” Eva says. “Being Asian, I see that as the best way to seek allyship, mentorship, support, and also to try out any new adventures and execute any unique activity within a safe zone.” Being in an ERG has increased her sense of belonging at work, another reason why she continues to grow her career with Salesforce.


Finding your niche

Career growth and community have helped shape Eva’s multiyear journey at Salesforce, but what’s next for someone who has accomplished so much? Just as Salesforce has remained innovative as it evolves, Eva wants to continue prioritizing growth and personal development.

She has learned several lessons throughout her career and knows they will continue to impact her in the years to come. “[I want to] strive to be empathetic and relevant in order to drive win-win conversations and results, while being bold, audacious, and vocal to challenge the norm if and when necessary.”

The confidence Eva has is inspiring. Betting on herself has helped her achieve a great deal of success within a growing brand that is driving change on a global scale. Finding her niche happened as she remained curious and challenged the workplace status quo. This was possible because she continued to try new things and fearlessly believe in herself. Salesforce’s success is directly connected to employees like Eva who shape the company culture and are committed to trailblazing new paths for themselves and those who follow in their footsteps.

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