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How to Pivot into Tech Sales

Ani Zhang

August 21, 2023

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How it started: Being one of the only women at a pharmaceutical sales company.
How it’s going: Becoming a Sales leader at Salesforce — and empowering other women to do the same.


Meet Christina Secchi, Regional Sales Director at Salesforce. After a career pivot, she's now leading a team of sellers at Salesforce and working to increase opportunities for women in the tech industry. Read on to learn more about her journey and how you, too, can embrace your potential and join the ranks of Trailblazers like Christina.


A Journey Shaped by Perseverance


Christina’s childhood family photo.
Christina’s childhood family photo.

Growing up as the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Christina witnessed firsthand the value of hard work. This strong foundation shaped her career trajectory — and, when she entered the sales world, she knew success would come with the right combination of tenacity and dedication.


Being one of the few women within her sales organization at a pharmaceutical company, though, was an early challenge for Christina. Determined to excel, she put in the extra effort, networked, and proved her worth — ultimately paving her own way to Salesforce.


Embracing Change and Seizing Opportunities

Christina's transition from pharmaceutical sales to tech sales at Salesforce was a pivotal moment in her career, and not one without risks.


She shares, “It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. Everything is very fast-paced in tech sales, it’s highly competitive.”


But, thanks to Salesforce's focus on professional development — via various initiatives and learning programs, like Trailhead — she was able to adapt to the tech industry.


A Culture of Support


Christina and team during their quarterly business review (QBR).

At Salesforce, Christina found a supportive and empowering work culture. Through personal milestones and challenging times, her team rallied around her, reinforcing the importance of a strong support system.


Now as a leader of her team, Christina takes pride in fostering that same close-knit and supportive culture. Whether it's celebrating personal milestones or supporting team members during challenging times, the bonds forged within teams are vital in creating a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.


“Salesforce really enables every person to find out what they're good at, to find out what they're interested in. They give you so many opportunities to meet new people, meet new teams.”

— Christina Secchi


Empowering Women in Tech Sales

Christina pictured with her family
Christina pictured with her family

Christina highlights Salesforce's commitment to gender equality and supporting working mothers as important benefits to her.


Some examples? By providing equal pay for equal work, allyship communities like Salesforce Women's Network, and even financial support for employees trying to grow their families through IVF or adoption, Salesforce helps create an environment where women can thrive both in their careers and personal lives.


“Salesforce's supportive culture makes it easy to be a mom at Salesforce,” shared Christina. “That, as well all the benefits, really helps you as a mother and as a woman to thrive in a workplace and to go after those roles so that one day we have even more women in leadership.


A Bright Future Ahead

The future of selling at Salesforce is filled with exciting possibilities — particularly with new AI innovations, like Service GPTSales GPT, and Einstein GPT.


As Salesforce continues to innovate, expand its product portfolio, and invest in its employees, there is no limit to the success one can achieve.


“Being in sales at Salesforce is by far more amazing than any other experience I've had in any other sales capacity, any other company. Salesforce really focuses on helping you get better, the enablement, the people around you. It's fun, it's exciting.” 


Christina's inspiring journey at Salesforce showcases the opportunities that await those interested in the world of sales. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or someone aspiring to start a sales career, learn how Salesforce can help you grow!