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Interns with Impact: Discover Futureforce Around the World

Ani Zhang

August 16, 2023

The future is bright — and the future is here at Salesforce.


Futureforce, Salesforce’s university recruiting program, is dedicated to the next generation of talent. Each year Futureforce interns tackle real projects — from coding to marketing — leaving a mark on the company and shaping its success as the #1 AI CRM.


We sat down with Class of 2023 Futureforce interns around the world to find out what kind of impact they've made this summer:
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Harnessing AI Projects Around the Globe 

Stuti Arora
💼 Software Engineer Intern
📍 San Francisco, CA
Q: Can you tell us about an exciting project you’re working on?

“We’re integrating Einstein GPT — the World’s First Generative AI for CRM — into the Payments Workspace so that data isn’t just displayed, but it’s actually used to give insights and analysis to merchants that can help increase their bottom line, in terms of revenue.”

Deepak Agarwal
💼 Software Engineer Intern
📍 Hyderabad, India

Deepak participated in a hackathon in which his team built an incubator for uncovering the puzzling facets of AI bias.

“Our groundbreaking creation took the form of an extension, which actively detects biases in real-time as users type, illuminating the hidden prejudices that often permeate our digital landscapes."
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Learning to Thrive and Innovate

Nina Rodrigrues
💼 Customer Success Intern
📍 São Paulo, Brazil


“During my internship at Salesforce, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of cutting-edge technology, working alongside a highly collaborative and innovative team. My favorite experience was actively participating in exciting projects where I was able to apply my problem-solving skills and learn from exceptional mentors.”


Faizan Haider
💼 Software Engineer Intern
📍 Hyderabad, India


“As members of Futureforce, we were empowered to become visionary leaders. The internship went beyond a two-month project; it aimed to bring out the best in ourselves and others. It served as a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves in life, we possess the values and capabilities to create systems where everyone can comfortably thrive, grow, learn, and lead.”
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Gaining a Treasure Trove of Professional Enrichment 

Rithvik Reddy
💼 Software Engineer Intern
📍 Hyderabad, India

“My internship experience at Salesforce has been a treasure trove of lessons and experiences that have enriched my professional journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from my fellow interns, mentors, and executive leaders, who have imparted wisdom, guidance, and encouragement.”

Fernanda Maldonado
💼 Customer Success Intern
📍 São Paulo, Brazil

“It is truly remarkable how much one can learn about a person through the lessons they impart. My interactions, be it with my manager, team members, office colleagues who reached out for a cup of coffee, or the members of Equality Groups I am a part of, have all been nothing short of exceptional. Prior to joining Salesforce, I was aware of its reputation as an outstanding place to work, but now, as a member of this remarkable company, I truly understand why that is the case.”
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Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion Always 

Bonnie Li
💼 Strategic Partnerships & Business Dev Intern
📍 San Francisco, CA

“I've honestly felt immediately at home within the Salesforce community. Everyone's so welcoming and willing to help, whether that be my team members, the Futureforce staff, and my fellow interns. I was also able to meet so many people through the AsiapacforceOutforce, and Women's Network Equality Group events, and I love how Salesforce makes sure that we have the spaces and communities available to bring our whole, authentic selves to work.”

Amir Oyolola
💼 Software Engineer Intern
📍 San Francisco, CA

Q: What’s the best part of working at Salesforce?

“The people that I’ve met! Everyone has a unique character about them and I feel like when I work with them, it’s like working with people from all across the world! Everyone brings their own unique experiences.”
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