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Meet Salesforce Boomerang Employee, Adnan Chaudhry

August 02, 2019

SVP of Sales Adnan Chaudhry, a Boomerang who returned to Salesforce, pulled the curtain back on his eleven-year journey. He dove into his decision to return after a six-year departure and shared what’s captured his attention since he rejoined.


What’s it like to be back at Salesforce?

It's been a homecoming of sorts. I get to walk in and I see so many friendly faces, picking up right where we left off. Yes, the company is larger now but it feels as if I never left.


What year did you originally join Salesforce?

I started in 2008 as my first job out of business school. I'd never sold before. I had no idea about enterprise software. We had just grown to 2,000 employees. The whole sales team was on one floor and we literally sat down the hall from Marc's office.

Adnan with his family.
Adnan with his family.

Why'd you leave Salesforce?

I was at this point in my career where I knew if I didn't try a startup in the Valley, I'm not sure I ever would. I just had to get this bug out of my system. I was really intrigued by clean tech, as an industry and to address broader environmental issues. Sustainability is really important to me. And this one company happened to be at the forefront of these things and they were looking to replicate a go to market motion that was similar to what I'd done at Salesforce.


What's most stood out to you since you’ve returned?

When I was here the first time, we had a great culture and were a great place to work. And now we're officially recognized as a best place to work and as one of the most innovative companies in the world. We have Ohana Floors and call our workforce the Salesforce Ohana, which is a Hawaiian word for Family. We were always one tight-knit team, one tight-knit family which continues to be true today. But now we've got the articulation of our culture and our values in a way that we can scale without diluting what makes Salesforce special. And that's really powerful.

What brought you back?

I was at a point in my career where I was asking myself the question, “If I joined a company and it was the last place I would ever work, what would it be and what would that look like?” I realized it had to align with my values. It's got to be a place where my wife and kids are proud of where I work. It had to be a place with tons of growth potential in its future. And the right opportunity came up to work here, where those things are true.

What would you tell other alumni about becoming a Boomerang?

I'm proud of where I work — and that's got nothing to do with my job. That's because I'm at a great company with a great culture and great set of values. This company is a rocket ship — it's a team environment that's innovating fast, growing fast, and helping customers Having the external vantage point of a boomerang combined with an existing Salesforce network has been an advantage. The opportunity for me to make an impact has only increased. The Salesforce Ohana extends to my wife and kids--they also feel truly at home.

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