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Navigating Your Career in Tech Sales: Dymphy Boegem’s Journey from Hospitality to Salesforce Senior Sales Manager

Jasmine Edison

November 30, 2021

Dymphy Boegem, Senior Sales Manager at Salesforce, has thrived on being customer-centric and working with people from every walk of life from the beginning of her career. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business from the Hotelschool The Hague with the intention of becoming a world-class hotel executive. Her experience in the hospitality industry equipped her with valuable skills that she still implements in her successful sales career today. 


When Dymphy felt ready for a transition from hospitality back in 2013, her interest was piqued by a rapidly growing technology industry and the opportunity for innovation. Her journey to Salesforce started on a plane where a conversation sparked with another passenger who was a Salesforce employee. This conversation led to a referral for a sales development representative role in the UK market. She joined with limited direct sales experience but had a manager ready to invest in her development. Nine years and seven promotions later, Dymphy shares three tips to maximize your strengths and drive your sales career forward. 


Tip #1 Become the Best Partner for your Customer

From Dymphy’s experience entering the technology sales space, Salesforce is the greatest academy to hone your sales skills. Mastering guiding your customers to success. She reflects on the opportunity to develop and advance her sales skills while striving to excel in all aspects of the role. A sales role at Salesforce has many facets - from conducting research to developing an engaging point of view - but Dymphy encourages all sales professionals to embrace the learning journey and strive to be the best partner to your customer.


With each customer, she has found the opportunity to intently listen, build relationships founded in trust, and offer innovative solutions to meet their unique needs. Dymphy highlights working with a trailblazing Dutch clothing brand. During that time she became a key advisor for their business efficiency through collaboration with her extended team that continues to be successful years later. Learning to be a great salesperson is also learning how to challenge your customer and become a valuable conversation partner as you guide them toward the technology they need to scale their business. 



“Focus on honing your skills, excelling in your team, and collaborating with your customer. The career development will follow.”

Tip #2 Know Your Strengths to Succeed as a Team

The only constant at Salesforce is that it is always changing and this opportunity for consistent transformation is what drew Dymphy in the door. With the ever-evolving technology and innovating the way we do business comes a need to expand the employee base with world-class talent. Dymphy believes that every new hire on our teams is a new opportunity to bring unique strengths to the table.  


She encourages you to be curious about who isn’t on your team yet - but should be. Dymphy, with a background in hospitality, helped build a team with various backgrounds noting she has team members with experience in recruitment and law. When you know where your strengths are and the value you bring to the team, the better you understand how all the strengths among your team members complement one another. As you learn each team members’ unique perspectives and motivations you are better equipped to know how you can all function together to achieve your collective goals. Remaining curious about who to surround yourself with will help you better innovate, collaborate, and stay at the forefront of change.



“I have always felt like a valued part of the team with a strong sense of belonging where everyone is willing to help one another and share their experiences with me, no matter how senior they may be.”

Tip #3 Lean In to Growth Opportunities

Dymphy is keen on taking ownership of her growth and always looking for new opportunities to excel in her role. As a hotel sales executive, Dymphy would go out of her way to build relationships with tech giants that had set up shop in Dublin in an effort to open up new markets and attract their corporate travelers to her hotel. As she deepened these relationships to the technology industry, she began to explore how she could apply her growth mindset to the innovation she was seeing in the field. 


She encourages everyone to take this kind of ownership of their career development. You are the greatest advocate for your career, but keep in mind there is a community of people around you at Salesforce ready to champion your growth. Her experience with mentors and applying valuable feedback they offered gave her another level of guidance and support. In each role she held, Dymphy found new ways to build skills that would prepare her for her next career jump. Her manager helped enroll her in Accelerate, Salesforce’s internal program to build foundational leadership skills. She also sought out opportunities to gain direct leadership experience by filling in when managers were out, coaching account executives, and interviewing sales candidates. She made sure that when the opportunity to become a leader opened up, she would be there and she would be ready.



“I took on stretch assignments that prepared me to be a leader so that when the opportunity opened up, I would be there and I would be ready.”

At Salesforce, we are committed to enabling our employees to drive their careers forward and providing the resources needed to succeed. A sales career at Salesforce allows you to own your potential and lean into the work that interests you most. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, explore our open opportunities today.