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Top Tech Sales Hiring Tips from Salesforce Recruiters

Sadie Evans, Amanda Wolkin

May 08, 2024

AE, ROI, BDR, CRM, MQL, SMB – breaking into the world of Sales can feel like, well, cracking a secret code. Thankfully, we’re here to help.


In this comprehensive guide, we've gathered insights and resources from experienced Salesforce Sales Recruiters to help you land your dream Sales role in tech. Whether you’re in an early career stage looking to land your first BDR role (that’s Business Development Representative) or a seasoned-seller interested in closing deals as an AE (Account Executive), our Recruiters will walk you through top resume tips, Salesforce interview advice, and more.

So, let’s meet them, shall we?

Image of three recruiters that are featured in the article.


Meet Wendy, Ursula, and Giovanni: three recruiters from our world-class Sales team who have helped hundreds of candidates find their perfect roles at Salesforce. We’ll be hearing advice directly from these three, who represent some of our largest sales hubs: Dublin, Chicago, and Berlin.


➡️ Pssst: Want to learn more about our world-class Sales team? Learn more about our team and priority roles.


Image of three Salesforce employees at a table working.Before You Apply

At any point in time, Salesforce could be hiring for hundreds – if not thousands! – of roles. That means it’s your job to do the proper research, apply for roles that are aligned with your experience and skills, and showcase yourself to the best of your ability. Simple, right? Okay, maybe not so much. Here, we break down some tips before you hit that “Apply” button.

1. Get to know Salesforce, our products, and what interests you.

You may know us as a Customer Relationship Management software company; but we’re so much more than that. We’re innovating like never before with AI + Data, living by our core values, and blazing trails in technology, just as we have been for 25 years (and counting). Here are a few helpful tips on applying: 


  • “I always recommend that candidates take a look at our customer success stories on Here you can find a wide range of clients that we’ve won as an organization.” - Ursula
  • “A very helpful resource is our (free!) Trailhead learning platform. Become part of our global community and learn about our Salesforce solutions.” - Giovanni
  • “Know a little bit of information around the company’s background, its products, who their customers are, where it currently sits in the industry, and be aware of some of their current challenges. For example, Salesforce is helping its customers embrace AI. Learn how our products incorporate that technology and how it can help businesses.” - Wendy (Psst ... have you heard of Data Cloud?)

⭐ Pro tip: There’s an entire section of Trailhead dedicated to sales skills, understanding AI, and Salesforce fundamentals. Be sure to check them out!


2. Find the job most aligned to your skillset, and prep your resume accordingly.

It may sound simple — but it’s worth stating: read the job description carefully, and make sure that your resume and experience are aligned with the skills required. You don’t have long to stand out during the resume review process, so make sure you put your best foot forward!

  • “Take your time understanding how your previous or current work history aligns to this role and the expectations that come with it. Applying for the role that aligns with your experience is key to getting your resume to the next stage.” - Ursula
  • “The hiring team created this job description with Recruiting, really keeping in mind what qualifications were required for this role. Being able to explain your career and why it fits here will really set you up for success.” - Ursula


Image of two employees in Hyderabad standing next to a Trailblazer sign.During the Interview Process

You found the perfect job, submitted your resume, and – great news! You’ve landed an interview with one of our recruiters. Congratulations!

The interview process is intentionally structured to assess your skills, experience, Salesforce knowledge, and ability to, well, sell. Our recruiters and hiring managers are trained to avoid bias, look for specific competencies, and make you feel comfortable. While the interview process varies by role, it generally consists of the following stages:


1. Initial phone call with a recruiter:

Known as a phone screen, this is a brief, get-to-know-you conversation with a Salesforce recruiter who knows our Sales team inside-and-out. This is meant to get to know you and your background, so don’t be shy! Share about your existing sales experience, or your transferrable skills that will make you a great seller. Typical questions include, “What about Salesforce interests you?” and the ol’ classic, “Tell me about yourself.” Here are a few other favorites from our Recruiters:

  • “Be ready to speak about your career: your skills, your goals and your achievements. Why do you want to become part of Salesforce? What is your motivation?” - Giovanni
  • “Be comfortable talking about anything that is on your resume. Our team will utilize that as the foundation for what we discuss during your conversation here.” - Ursula

Looking for more phone screen tips? Check out our recent article, A Salesforce Recruiter's Advice on Breaking into Tech Sales


2. Hiring manager round:

The hiring manager is, you guessed it, the person hiring for the role, and the person who would be your manager should you start a job at Salesforce. This round is typical for roles like Account Executive SMB (Small and Medium Sized Business) or Mid-Market, and is an opportunity for you to show off your expertise — and also for you to also understand this person’s management style. Here are a few questions you might expect to encounter:

  • “When it comes to Sales positions at Salesforce, interviewers tend to often use competency-based interview questions. Some example competency questions could sound like, ‘Could you give me an example of a successful deal that you closed, highlighting the key steps of the process that you took?’ They are opening a door for you to share how you were successful – take advantage of that time." - Wendy
  • “Common interview questions you can prepare for are around your background, your performance, times you worked well on a team, opportunities you have had, and what has led to each decision in your career.” - Ursula

➡️ Ah yes, the dreaded ‘sell me this pen’ question. But don’t dread it – prepare for it.


3. Panel-style interview and presentation:

You’ve nearly made it! This round is an opportunity for you show off your skills as a seller, as well as meeting a larger group of other hiring managers or team members. While it can feel intimidating, it’s also an opportunity for you to get to know the broader team, and to have a taste of what it’d be like to work at Salesforce. While there’s no single way to approach the presentation round, keep in mind these tips from our Recruiters who know the process best:

  • “We want to see from you how you would present the Salesforce solution to a potential client. This is your opportunity to present yourself in front of the leadership team and to tell them why you’re a strong candidate for the position. ” - Giovanni
  • “Brush up on your sales skills and get ready to showcase them for our team. We want to see how you handle objections and how you close a meeting.” - Ursula

➡️ Is your interview virtual? We’ve got you covered with these tips.

Image of three Salesforce employees walking.And remember: an interview process is always a two-way street. As Ursula shares, “Just as much as this is an opportunity to interview you, it’s also an opportunity for you to interview Salesforce.” You should always come to your interviews prepped with thoughtful questions — ones that will give you a better understanding of the role, the team, our company, and how it could align with your larger career goals.

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step in your career and blaze your trail in Sales, apply today.

We can't wait to meet you!

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