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Boomerang Spotlight - Leonardo Neves

Ernesto Maturrano

October 13, 2021

“The Boomerang Community is an amazing part of Salesforce!”

Meet Leonardo Neves. Leonardo is based out of our São Paulo, Brazil office. He started his Salesforce career in 2014 as a Solution Engineer — a role he held for three years. He left for an opportunity at Microsoft but, after only 15 months, realized he wanted to return. Read on to learn more about Leonardo’s journey ...

Leonardo’s first chapter

In 2014, Leonardo came in to Salesforce via an implementation partner that happened to be one of Salesforce’s biggest customers in Brazil at the time. Back then, there were only 14 employees in the LATAM (Latin America) region so while Leonardo was officially a Solution Engineer, he also held some Account Executive responsibilities.

However, in 2017, Leonardo started a new career chapter at Microsoft. He felt he was joining a great company but before long, missed the company and technology that he’d grown to love. “I asked myself everyday, ‘Am I in the right place? Am I doing what’s best for my career?’”

Fortunately for Leonardo, his current Salesforce manager (also a Boomerang!) reached out, told him about a new team he was creating, and asked whether Leonardo was interested. “I knew this was my chance to go back to Salesforce and follow my heart — it wasn’t a hard decision!”

What made him want to come back

Leonardo liked the sense of teamwork and family at Salesforce and he missed feeling like he was part of a close-knit team who navigated challenges and shared successes together. “It sounds like such an easy concept, team spirit, but you don’t understand how hard it is to find or build unless you have been at Salesforce.” For Leonardo, ultimately it was both the people and the feeling of belonging that brought him back.

“It is interesting because the first time I was at Salesforce, we didn’t have this Boomerang program. Now that I am back, this is an amazing program and community to be a part of. The Boomerang Community helps people network internally and get their questions answered by people that have gone through the same process.” And returning felt natural.

“That feeling of coming home is absolutely real. You probably hear it from a lot of Boomerangs, and it’s 100% true.” Leonardo, his manager, and a close colleague also came back to Salesforce, all motivated by that unique sense of belonging and teaming. “I do not know how Salesforce does it, but it’s completely magic.”

Feeling at home again

“Typically, people expect you to know a lot of things when you come back to a company you worked at before, but Salesforce changes every day,” Leonardo said. That meant there were things he had to re-learn, or learn for the first time, upon his return. Leonardo’s a Solution Engineer, a role that he defines a ‘problem solver.’ He feels his primary job is to understand customer problems and solve them with Salesforce technology. He specializes in the Financial Services Industry and has worked with some of Brazil’s major Financial Institutions.

“The most important thing is to speak the customers’ language and help them innovate for the future — it’s a whole journey for them! From ‘knowing that Salesforce is the best solution out there’ to actually committing, understanding what we can do for them, and leveraging the full power of Salesforce.”

Beyond Leonardo’s role, his Salesforce career is all about continuous learning and development. Career growth is important to him so Leonardo has mapped out a clear plan to help him get to the next stage. “I have always felt supported. It’s important to note that the company can help, but your career is yours and you must own it.”

Volunteering and well-being experience

Beyond his career, physical and mental wellbeing are a big priority for Leonardo. He moved outside of São Paolo which provided him more physical space and has contributed to a sense of tranquility and more time to spend with his wife and their cat. Leonardo believes it’s important to strike a balance between one’s career, family, and personal needs.
One way he does that is by giving back to the local community and NGOs like the Red Cross➚ — for whom he enjoys doing pro-bono work. Leonardo shared the story of how he got involved. “During a hands-on volunteering event, someone from the Red Cross came and asked us ‘what do you do at Salesforce?’ We explained and they said ‘I have so many things I want to do with Salesforce, can you help me?’ So now, I also use my knowledge and technical skills to support NGOs. Most of these organizations need someone with my profile but can’t afford it.”
He explained that his job as a Solution Engineer is focused on pre-sales but his pro-bono work is focused on implementation, which he enjoys a lot.

Salesforce Alumni, the door is always open

Leonardo said it best, “At Salesforce, we care about people. We don’t just say it, we live it. We care about diversity. We work on making strides towards a more inclusive workplace➚. We are transparent. Allyship is important at Salesforce so I made the commitment to be an ally and join the Salesforce Women’s Network & BOLDforce➚ upon my return.”

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