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Boomerang Spotlight - Lindsey Siegel

July 10, 2020

‘If you want an opportunity to paint the future, this is the place to be!’

Meet Lindsey Siegel, who boomeranged back to her dream job at Salesforce. She is passionate about translating diversity and equity ideals into concrete actions in order to help shape a better future ... and she is doing exactly that. 

Her First Chapter at Salesforce

Lindsey joined Salesforce in 2015 as a Recruiting “Sourcer” responsible for San Francisco sales hiring. In her 3.5  years, she experienced a lot of career progression. Motivated by a desire to do things differently, she saw an opportunity within Salesforce to work with several stakeholders to re-define the future of recruiting. Lindsey then began training recruiters, managers, and colleagues around diversity and equity. Eventually, she landed a role in Talent Development, where she drove Salesforce’s Cultivating Equality program, which focuses on inclusivity and belonging. It had been a great ride, but by 2018 she wanted to explore all things lean and agile, so she left for the startup world.

When it Was Time to Come Back

The organization she was at went public and was later acquired by VMware. Around the time when news of the acquisition emerged, she had conversations with a senior Salesforce leader who encouraged her to think about what her dream job would look like. Lindsey didn’t think twice and started to craft this idea, which as it turned out — aligned perfectly with one of our core values at Salesforce — Equality.


With her Trailblazer mentality, a supportive network, and the right timing, she was able to create her dream job at Salesforce. She is now Manager, Internal Careers — an initiative that helps connect Black, Latinx, and Indigenous talent to internal career sponsors and opportunities at Salesforce. After experiencing life at other corporations, she was excited to come back to a company that, in her own words, “puts their money where their mouth is and stands up for what they believe in.”

A New Journey Began

Lindsey returned to Salesforce in April 2020. As she put it, “This is a homecoming for me, and the first thing I say when I meet someone is, I am a Boomerang.” For her, what’s been most rewarding as a Boomerang at Salesforce, is the chance to further develop skills she acquired at other corporations back here at Salesforce as she continues to blaze new trails. Now, as a Talent Partner within the Internal Careers team, she’s excited to identify and address existing opportunity areas for diversity and inclusion head-on.


In her new role, she partners with the Black, Latinx and Indigenous community within Salesforce, connecting them with leadership and supporting their career development goals. Salesforce is on a journey to create a workplace that reflects society and where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed. Lindsey shares this vision and her work is an important part of this journey. 

Building a Brighter Future

A lot has changed since Lindsey originally started at Salesforce. In 2016, she recalls BOLDforce, our Black employee resource group, organized and led a candle light vigil supporting victims of police brutality. This got the attention and involvement of the company leadership who recognized the power and need of both this group as well as for space and education around these issues. Now, she sees many more initiatives geared towards the advancement of equality.


“We have made some progress and that gives me hope.’” she said. Whether is it via the Leading Through Change series, internal Talking Equality events, or the recently launched Racial Equality Ally training among many others — Salesforce is using its platform to elevate these urgent conversations and taking action through company-wide programs. The future at Salesforce is exciting and Lindsey’s passionate about playing an active role in helping define it. After all, as she said, “If you want an opportunity to paint the future, this is the place to be.”

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