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From Building Teams to Dreams: Meet an Engagement Delivery Director from Salesforce India

Pragya Sharma

March 15, 2024

Imagine juggling multimillion-dollar projects, building teams from scratch, and shaping companywide practices – all while ensuring your son gets to school on time. It’s just another day in the life for Deepali Puri, Director Global Delivery Salesforce.


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From Partnerships to Possibilities: Entering the World of Salesforce

Image of Deepali Puri, Director Global Delivery.
Meet Deepali Puri, Director Global Delivery.

Originally from Delhi, Deepali was at first unsure about her career opportunities when her husband was transferred to Jaipur in 2010 — but she quickly found her footing.

“I got a job within two days, at a company run by two Indian Institute Of Technology Alumni,” said Deepali. “It was the beginning of many firsts — I was introduced to the Salesforce ecosystem, and it was my first time setting up new teams. As I built a team of functional consultants and business analysts, I realised this was my forte. I can connect with people well, hire the right people for the right role, establish teams, and build processes for scale.”

“I realised I knew how to hire the right people, establish entire teams and build processes for scale.”

Deepali quickly flourished in her new role, building a strong foundation in quality assurance for the company before expanding her expertise to a new company. Then, when that company was acquired by Salesforce, Deepali transitioned from being an external partner to an integral part of Salesforce's Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in India. Was she apprehensive about joining such a massive corporation?

“Of course. I was worried about being lost in this big ocean of people, processes, and projects. But Salesforce offered me an open environment and diverse opportunities based on my strengths,” said Deepali.


Building Teams, Empowering Change: The Evolution of the Leader

Image of Deepali Puri with her team at Salesforce India.
Deepali Puri, with her team at Salesforce India.

Today, Deepali is Director, New Services Capabilities and Engagement Delivery – a role which requires a blend of strategic planning, sales enablement, and team empowerment. Deepali works on shaping horizontal project management practices for multimillion-dollar customers. Her efforts include simplifying the day-to-day work for hundreds at GDC and positioning the organisation as the preferred delivery partner globally.

The secret to Deepali’s success? Ask for help when needed.


“I've learned to ask for help and not be embarrassed. Acknowledging I can't do everything alone has been my guiding mantra, and I rely on my family members, my partner, and others to help get things done.


"Since I start my day early, it sometimes clashes with my kids' school hours. But the incredible support within the company makes it easy for me to manage. A simple request to adjust a call for a drop-off, and everyone — across different time zones — understands. They even wave bye to my son on camera."


Empathy, Empowerment, and Enrichment: Impact Beyond the Workspace

Image of Deepali with a group of women in the office.
Deepali with a community of women at the Salesforce India office.

As someone who appreciates the value of strong support networks, Deepali creates a similar environment for fellow women. “Women oftentimes juggle the weight of judgement, battle imposter syndrome, and have to live up to high expectations. Many of us don’t voice our opinions in professional settings for fear of criticism or disdain. So, when I see a woman having difficulties conveying her point, I do my best to amplify her voice.”


Deepali adds that this lens of equality is applied at every level at Salesforce — from organising development programs for female leaders to creating special Q&A sessions for women employees with senior management. And, for Deepali, this commitment extends beyond work.

“Ensuring inclusivity and diversity is so ingrained into the Salesforce ethos that it comes naturally to everyone now.”

“I'm passionate about making a difference in my community. My friends and I host sessions for women who may not have had the same opportunities, where we try to offer practical advice to enhance their lives. From aiding kids' study habits to discussing access to government healthcare programs and policies, we cover it all,” Deepali shared proudly.

Finding balance in her success

Of course, with so many priorities, burnout can feel inevitable. Deepali, however, has found her own techniques for mental resilience.

Image of Deepali with her family.
Deepali with her family.

“I embrace alternative healing practices, follow Buddhism, and maintain deep connections with friends. But what truly fuels me is the impact I make in others' lives."


One example that comes to mind? “During Salesforce's expansion from 2,000 to 10,000 employees, I felt privileged to offer career opportunities to others. I remember a young guy — whom I had interviewed and hired — reaching out to me on the first day of work at Salesforce.


"Coming from a humble background, he told me that the offer he received was the highest ever in his whole family. It was such a moment of joy for me! That’s what I keep telling myself even on tough days — that this is why I am doing what I do,” she said.


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