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How Salesforce Leaders Use AI in Sales

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February 12, 2024

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is changing the tech sales landscape. But how can sales leaders leverage AI tools to increase productivity — while still building strong customer relationships?

Salesforce Regional Vice President, Partner Account Management Terease Baker-Bell, alongside sales recruiters Michelle Williams and Andre Norman, recently shared their insights into how you can use AI to level up your sales game, without compromising human touch. Check out our biggest takeaways from their recent discussion with National Sales Network:


Using AI in relationship-based selling

When you build rapport and trust with your customers — otherwise known as relationship-based selling — they’re more likely to bring you into future conversations and further the sales cycle. So, where does AI come into play?

For Terease, AI helps her compile customer data to inform upcoming discussions and meetings. By curating information ahead of customer calls, she’s able to provide compelling thought leadership and be more present in conversations.


Terease Baker-Bell stands in front of a brick background in a white button up shirt
Terease Baker-Bell RVP, Partner Account Management

“AI can be a conduit for helping you get prepared for your customer interactions,” Terease shared. “It helps curate historical data on your customer, like the amount of products they bought in the past, how they’re using that product, when they buy, etc.”

Once you’ve done your homework on your customer’s business landscape, the company’s challenges, and their historical buying, you can also leverage generative AI to predict the next best customer action. Think of it as your cheat sheet to differentiation in a competitive environment.


AI can also be a mechanism for speeding up productivity. By pulling in AI to save time on manuals tasks, Salesblazers can focus on the human aspect of person-to-person selling.

“AI can’t read a person’s mannerisms during a customer call and re-direct the conversation. It can’t take your customer out to an event or do anything that builds that human element of trust,” Terease shared. “That’s why person-to-person selling isn’t going anywhere.”

That said, AI can take notes during that meeting, provide a summary of the call, and draft a follow-up email. But, a pro tip: make sure to use your best discretion when messages need that extra human touch. Always personalize 1:1 conversations with customers, whether that means adding in a specific anecdote (“So, how was that family trip to Yosemite?”) or moments from the last in-person engagement.

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Landing your dream sales role in an AI world

Andre Norman looks to the left in a headshot that is set against a gradient blue background
Andre Norman, Talent Attraction Partner.

Ready to take on your next sales career move? Talent Recruiters Michelle and Andre have got you covered with these three quick wins — or, you can dig deeper here.


  1. Quantify your “wins” on your resume – speaking directly to your achievements and business value. Highlight the most important takeaways of your job experience, and make sure to connect the dots between how your prior role can apply to the new position during your interview. Share how you effectively contributed to business ROI by including relevant KPIs and metrics.

  2. Adopt a “forever student” mentality, especially when learning about a new industry or sector. Stay up to date on tech sales industry trends and news, specifically for the role you’re applying for.

  3. Highlight your foundational skills, even if you don’t have tech industry experience. Stand out from other candidates by leaning into transferrable skills – whether it be time management, cold calling, or communication and presentation skills. Engage your interviewer audience by sharing how you’ve built rapport with a customer, provided value to your larger team, and collaborated in a team dynamic to close a deal.

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