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How Salesforce Mexico City’s Global Delivery Center is Opening Doors to Growth

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May 22, 2024

Pack those bags – because we’re taking you around the world with Salesforce Global Delivery Centers, our global customer success hubs. Next stop: Mexico City.


At the helm is the Director of Global Delivery Centers - LATAM Hub Leader, Sanket Deshpande, who is bringing his learnings from the Salesforce Global Delivery Center in Bangalore straight to Mexico City. Read on to learn more about his career journey — and how Salesforce is growing top technical and customer success talent in Latin America.

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The Opportunity of A Lifetime

Sanket has been with Salesforce since 2017, operating out of Bangalore, India – that is, until he flew across the globe to Mexico City to be a part of Salesforce’s first Latin American Global Delivery Center. Working for a company that has these unique opportunities –  and is on the cutting edge of AI technology –  has continually fueled his passion for his career.


“Salesforce is always growing and innovating,” says Sanket. “I’m very confident that in the upcoming years, AI and Data Cloud will transform the way we engage with our customers. It’s not just going to be product innovation, but the way we provide customer service will also require innovation.”


This continuous growth resonates deeply with Sanket, who holds an MBA with a major in entrepreneurship. The opportunity to help build out the Global Delivery Center in Mexico City presented the perfect challenge for him to flex his entrepreneurial muscle (and develop his Spanish!).


“Imagine setting up a team from scratch from a different country all together, from a different culture. It’s the biggest opportunity and the biggest challenge of my career. That’s the kind of exposure Salesforce provides,” Sanket says, adding, “This is the best time in my career!”


Sanket with three colleagues surrounding the "Welcome to Salesforce Mexico" sign
Sanket (right) with the first three hires of the Mexico City Global Delivery Center back in February 2024


The Global Delivery Center, or GDC, is part of Salesforce’s Professional Services organization within its Customer Success Group, with its team members working with global customers to provide both consultative services and implement Salesforce Cloud projects end-to-end. 


The Mexico City GDC  aims to provide increased language support for Spanish, Portuguese, and English-speaking Salesforce customers, and will be Salesforce’s second GDC, and, for good reason: the inaugural GDC in India has developed a track record of success, reporting the highest customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating globally! 


Sanket has already landed in Mexico City to begin preparing, and will take on a unique role as leader of a multicultural team. To start, his GDC team will be from both India and Mexico City, with the India-based employees laying the GDC groundwork, and Mexico City team members shadowing, onboarding, and shaping the processes. The ultimate goal: to take the best of Salesforce India GDC and combine it with the unique culture of Salesforce Mexico City GDC.


“The whole idea is to learn and unlearn. It’s going to be a fresh infusion of cultural exchanges,” Sanket expresses. “We are really leaning into learning Salesforce Mexico City’s culture and building a strong culture within the team.”


“I’m very passionate about building a high-performing team that has a strong bond. They help each other, they work well together, enjoy spending time together and grow together. It’s the Salesforce culture, that open, transparent way of working, that we are trying to instill.”


Andrés Prieto, Salesforce Executive Vice President for Latin America, states: "The new GDC in Mexico will continue the customer success momentum we’ve built on a global scale. Through the support of Professional Services, which has a growing demand in the continent and has delivered lots of value to customers with multi-cloud deployments, I'm confident that Sanket and his team will play a key role in leveraging business in the whole Latin American region".


Hugo Freytes, Salesforce Country Manager in Mexico, shares the same excitement. "I'm enthusiastic about all the new opportunities this new GDC will bring to the Mexican market. Salesforce is looking for more talent in Mexico and this expansion supports our goal to increase the number of professionals by more than 50% by January 31, 2025. I am delighted to invite everyone to learn about the Salesforce culture, as well as the Mexican culture". 


Behind the GDC Scenes 

Rather than seeing customer success as an “implementation service,” Salesforce GDC members position themselves as trusted business advisors. They provide guidance for customized implementation techniques that identify and address specific organizations’ pain points with the ultimate goal of customer success. 


“Problem-solving is really understanding the customer’s existing issues and business. Don’t think of it as jumping into “out-of-the-box” implementation, but instead providing a strategic approach to highly scalable, robust, and performant solutions for the customer,” Sanket explains.


A unique experience for new hires in the GDC will be how they are set up to succeed right from the start. Everyone joining the team will have a specialized ramp-up period of four to six weeks –  all before working directly with customers. Sanket says this is an opportunity to invest in learning the solutions before priorities shift to learning the customer.


Calling All Mexico City Technical Architects, Managers, And Consultants!

Sanket is looking for several different roles to help him kick off the GDC as founding team members, including Technical/Solution Consultants, Technical Managers, and Technical/Solution Architects. Sanket describes this as a rare opportunity to get in at the ground-level – shaping the culture and capabilities of the team.


To be successful in these roles, a strong understanding of Salesforce technology and full-stack software development is necessary, not to mention the eagerness to learn, have a beginner’s mindset, and be a problem-solver. 


“It’s not about landing the job, it’s about growing through the job,” Sanket says. “They get to be the first set of people who have laid the foundation for this team, which is going to disrupt the market and the way the customer engages with us.”  


Are you up for the challenge? Check out the Global Delivery Center’s open roles and apply today.

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