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a collage of a woman speaking to a group of people

6 Key Takeaways from Salesforce’s Trailblazing Women London

Ani Zhang

June 20, 2023

We came. We saw. And we blazed some incredible trails at our fifth annual gender equality summit, Trailblazing Women.

This landmark event — hosted in London for the first time ever! — is part of Salesforce’s ongoing commitment to advancing gender equality, and featured an exceptional lineup of change-making women leaders, including our keynote speaker: activist, actress, and host Jameela Jamil.

From promoting diversity in leadership to highlighting the importance of equitable practices in the workplace, let’s take a look at some of the most transformative moments and key highlights of this event:

1. Seek challenges to unlock growth.

Zahra Bahrololoumi smiles on stage.


“Run towards the difficult opportunities. Take the hard path, you will never regret it. Take the roles other people don’t want to do. Take the roles that don’t immediately seem attractive, they are the key to the door because you can make the most of them.”
— Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO, Salesforce UK and Ireland

2. Celebrate your successes and empower your team.

Anne Stagg speaks on stage.


“If you’re not comfortable shouting about your own successes, find a way to do it appropriately … be more braggy because you do your team a disservice when you don’t.”
— Anne Stagg, UK CEO, Merkle and dentsu CXM, Merkle

3. Do not fear failure. Instead, unleash your potential.

Jameela Jamil speaks on stage.


“All of the best learning, the fundamental learning we will ever do comes from our mistakes. It is vital to our evolution to make mistakes and then grow and learn from them.”
— Jameela Jamil, Activist, Actress, and Host

4. Expand your horizons and engage in diverse spaces.

Vanessa Kingori speaks on stage.


“In this world of constant change and constant learning, it’s very rare that you will have someone that you learn from and they can’t learn anything from you.”
— Vanessa Kingori OBE, Chief Business Officer, Condé Nast Britain & Vogue European Business Advisor

A collage of photos from the event.
“My life is hugely enriched by the diversity of the people that I spend my time with, and I don’t want to exist in an echo chamber of people exactly like me because it would mean my humanity would stop growing.”
— Jameela Jamil, Activist, Actress, and Host

5. Lean into your identity.

Luisa Fernandez speaks on stage.


“I know what I’m good at now. I know what I’m not so good at, and I defer to my team for those kinds of things. I don’t have to be everything for everyone all of the time anymore.”
— Luisa Fernandez, Head of Marketing, Formula 1®

6. Embrace your differences.

Caroline Casey smiles and speaks on stage.


“I don’t want anybody to try to fit in. I want everybody to rock their beautiful differences, find their voice, to belong uniquely as themselves, but to have collective grace for difference.”
— Caroline Casey, Founder & Creator, The Valuable 500

Want to catch all the action? Tune into the full recording of the 2023 Trailblazing Women Summit here!