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7 Reasons to Attend Trailblazing Women India

Pragya Sharma

July 18, 2023

Trailblazing Women Driving Change 28 July 2:30-5:00 pm ISTMark your calendars for Friday, July 28! Salesforce is bringing its annual Trailblazing Women Summit to India for the very first time. The empowering event has been celebrated globally for the past five years, creating space for conversations around advancing women in workplaces, industries, and communities.


The India premiere of the event will bring together business executives, equality advocates, and thought leaders to share genuine dialogues about their experiences and the incredible things that happen when opportunities are created to uplift and support women.

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Still not sure? Here are 7 reasons to attend Trailblazing Women:

1. A remarkable lineup of…well…trailblazing women!

The summit will feature a diverse lineup of women in leadership across industries who are Trailblazers for themselves and for others. Get practical advice on crafting successful careers from the experiences of remarkable women who have triumphed over challenges and made a mark. Keep an eye on our landing page for the full speaker roster to be released!

2. A deep dive into AI and emerging technologies

Leaders will discuss the implications of AI, especially large language models and generative AI, highlighting how you can leverage these to create a foundation for success in your career and within your business.

3. A fireside chat with Arundhati Bhattacharya and our award-winning Keynote Speaker

The fireside chat between Arundhati Bhattacharya, Salesforce India CEO, and our secret keynote speaker will address topics such as resilience in change, trust, leadership, and inclusivity. Discover the inspiring personal journey of this Trailblazer who has achieved remarkable success in her industry, breaking barriers and challenging the status quo. Register today to be the first to receive our Keynote Speaker Announcement!

4. Learn C-suite strategies for navigating change

The summit will bring together C-suite executives who will share their change management strategies during tumultuous times. Gain valuable insights into decision-making, prioritisation, and resilience directly from women who have led organizations at the highest levels.

5. Find community and advocacy with other attendees

Trailblazing Women celebrates the efforts of those who champion diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment in their workplaces, industries, and communities. Engage with other attendees to build connections, share experiences, and learn from others who are also invested in driving change for workplace equality.

6. Get actionable advice on how to empower women

In another panel discussion, executives will discuss how they mentor, sponsor, and advocate for women to take on leadership roles. The session will touch on how current leaders have opportunities to create more inclusive– and therefore more innovative– workplaces by lifting up others.

7. Join the summit from anywhere in the world

While the summit takes place at the Salesforce Hyderabad office, it will also be streamed live via the IBM platform and Salesforce's social media channels. This will help ensure that individuals from around the world join the conversation.

Click here to sign up for the live stream and add it to your calendar. Join us on July 28 for one of the most empowering summits yet!

Trailblazing Women Driving Change India