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How Salesforce Women's Network is Shining a Light on Employee Excellence

Sadie Evans

May 03, 2024

Research shows that women will consistently evaluate their performance lower than equally performing men — and are far less likely to self-promote their achievements. The Salesforce Women’s Network (SWN) Equality Group is on a mission to change that.

In fact, a committee of SWN members recently overhauled their recognition program to celebrate the outstanding contributions of women within the organization — helping to elevate their own personal brands and their careers.

“Taking time to shine a spotlight on these women will make a difference. Being nominated by someone who sees their contributions gives them a platform to share their achievements with others and inspire other women to do the same.”

SWN — which is open to all women and allies — is focused on making a significant impact on gender equality, diversity, and inclusion within Salesforce and beyond. With 40 hubs around the globe and 25% of the company's employees as members, SWN is the oldest and largest Equality Group at Salesforce. This year, their biggest goal is to improve gender parity within Salesforce leadership positions.

“Recognition is a big part of the equation to achieving [gender parity],” explains Kelly. “We are creating space for women to be celebrated for their contributions across the business. It's been part of our culture since SWN began — to lift our members to help them grow.”


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Picture of Kelly, center, with the Salesforce Women's Network Vancouver Hub.
Kelly, center, with the Salesforce Women's Network Vancouver Hub.

At the forefront of the Women of Impact award is Portland-based Kelly, a project manager within Salesforce’s Customer Success Group who expertly balances overseeing her customers’ Marketing Cloud instances with her responsibilities as the SWN Communications Chair.

Kelly has been an active member of the SWN since she arrived at Salesforce in 2017. “Salesforce’s core value of equality was one of the main reasons I joined the company. I really like to see the power of women coming together to form a community, to support each other, and making sure that everyone at Salesforce has that experience.”


This year, 16 SWN women around the globe were recognized as a Women of Impact, and will gain direct exposure to a Salesforce executive. (Check out Talking Equality’s interview with Kelly!)


“Exposure is a huge opportunity at Salesforce to learn from our experienced leadership team. We’re grateful that our leaders, without question, will go out of their way to spend time with the recipients. They understand how important this is and are eager to get to know the women who are making an impact.”

By shining a spotlight through the Women of Impact award, SWN aims to inspire their community of over 10,000 employees to celebrate their own growth. “It’s helped me normalize sharing my work achievements with my manager,” Kelly said. “And seeing how much confidence and energy our recipients get from being formally recognized makes me feel like I’ve made an impact at Salesforce. I feel honored to be a part of their journey, and I can’t wait to start this process again for next year’s incredible group of Women of Impact recipients.”

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