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Salesforce Explores the Future of Work at the Trailblazing Women Summit After Party

Bridgette Austin

July 22, 2022

Salesforce hosted its fourth annual gender summit, Trailblazing Women in May 2022. This year’s event, which saw more than 3.3 million viewers, featured an incredible lineup of industry leaders who explored issues around gender equity, wellness, representation, and much more.


We followed the Summit with our Trailblazing Women Summit After Party, an event dedicated to continuing the conversation on gender equality in the workplace. Participants joined Salesforce experts across various fields for sessions that unpacked how to build a successful career in a digital-first world. We also dived into tips for creating your dream job, finding work-life balance, and driving impact from where you sit in the organization.


Below are some key highlights from our After Party Main Stage event and breakout sessions.


How to achieve a balanced

“[Flexibility] allows me to have the family balance that I want in my life. I get to volunteer at my kids’ school and hang out with them when they get home. We’ve got a lot of flexibility to make it work for our personal lives, as well as our careers.” – Sara Schulman, Director, Program Management


“As a working mom, I have an 8-year-old daughter, [so] having this flexibility is huge. I’m able to do a very demanding job but also balance it with doctor appointments, concerts, and performances, and not feel guilty that I’m missing out on something that’s very important for my daughter. So I’m bringing my full self to work. I’m engaged, less stressed, and positive in my interactions with my team, colleagues, and clients.” – Maria Sander, AVP of Commercial Business


“Another great tool that supports the culture here is being mindful that everybody has got a lot going on. It’s not just about work. When we’re showing up, we’re showing up as full people. Some of that, we’re going to share, and some of that, we’re not. But respecting that about each other is another learning Success from Anywhere has taught us — to be a little bit more sensitive and aware, which I find to be fantastic in terms of how we work together.” – Shally Stanley, SVP and Global Delivery Leader

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How to make your dream (job) come true

“Probably the best advice someone gave me was to create your own personal board of directors. Because you’re the CEO of your life. You’re managing your career just like a corporation, and you need people in your life who are going to help you see things you don’t see, achieve certain goals ... they’re the people you seek advice from. They could be friends. They could be executives. You need to select them strategically because that’s how you make things happen. It takes more than one person to create a dream job.” – Vatora Godwin, Senior Manager, Trailblazer Content Marketing


“Just because you find a job that is the perfect job for you doesn't mean there won't be hard days. Sometimes, people get really disappointed by that. But I think that makes you grow so much more in that role and allows you to give more of yourself through learning and adversity. Everything is not going to be perfect. But I definitely love what I do probably more than what I did before. And it's a lot more fulfilling to me because it aligns more with my values.” – Kristen Kaufmann, Global ERG Senior Program Specialist


How to find work-life balance that works for you

Early on in my career, I didn’t have children. I was single. I put a lot of time into work, and I was okay with that. But there was a point where my priorities overall changed. I had to make that conscious decision to say, ‘Hey, I need to draw some new boundaries,' and think about not just the day-to-day, but the overall arc of my career. One of my favorite sayings is that, "Your career is a marathon, not a sprint." So take that long view. – Kitty Chou, VP of Product Management


“I like the idea of having a shutdown routine. I got this idea from my husband who’s an executive leadership coach. The way a shutdown routine works is that at the end of your workday, you have a routine that signifies you’re done for the day. For me, it’s jotting a few notes on a sticky [note] for what I need to do tomorrow to pick up from where I left off [the day before]. I straighten my notebooks and papers, and put my pens in my pen holder. Then, I close the lid on the laptop. That is the shutdown routine that indicates I’m done for the day.” – Mary Beth Kush, VP of Professional Services

How to drive change in your dream job

“I think one of the major things that companies have to keep at the forefront is that, if you want buy-in, you have to make people feel like they’re valued. I think that’s something Salesforce does really well. It’s one of the reasons why this is a company I work for, because I feel like I can be seen, heard, and given opportunities to talk about what that means ... the buy-in, creating psychological safety, and creating that space for inclusivity. And above all else, equity. ” – Jolanda Porter, Senior Manager, Human-Centered Change


“So much of traditional management has been focused around knowing all the answers, being completely buttoned, and being the expert. Now, there’s a shift in making an impact in terms of your employees and the broader community. It’s showing your whole self and the messiness that’s life. It’s saying, ‘I don’t know’ and asking for help. We need to encourage more leaders to do that because not only is that what employees want, that’s the new way to inspire and motivate people ... to be human rather than perfect.”– Sheela Subramanian, VP of the Future Forum

Did you miss the Trailblazing Women Summit After Party? Watch the full replay➚ to see what our dynamic speakers had to say at the Main Event and breakout sessions.

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