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A Philosophy of Mentorship

Cori Lanigan

January 05, 2024

In the realm of mentorship, some individuals shine as beacons of inspiration. Kiran Chaudhry's journey exemplifies just that.


Starting as a tutor during her master's program, Kiran found joy in helping others navigate complex subjects and uncover their full potential. This commitment to mentoring didn't wane; instead, it evolved. Now, at Salesforce, she continues to dedicate time to guide her team and serves as a trailblazer mentor for student groups, extending her influence beyond the workplace.


Kiran's mentorship philosophy is deeply rooted in the lessons she learned from her dean at NYU. The dean's advice to check in with oneself and be passionate about what you do resonates with Kiran, who ensures that passion is a driving force for those she mentors. She consistently encourages introspection by prompting mentees to consider what they're passionate about, what their goals are, and any struggles they might be facing, including the often pervasive imposter syndrome.

Speaking candidly about imposter syndrome, Kiran acknowledges its challenges but urges individuals to lean into their gut feelings. Reflecting on experiences that spark fulfillment is a powerful tool for building confidence. Kiran believes that understanding what makes an experience enjoyable or interesting provides the courage to tackle challenges and step outside one's comfort zone.

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Kiran advocates for connection and authenticity for those embarking on their careers, particularly at a large company like Salesforce. Finding like-minded individuals who care about similar causes is crucial in a sprawling organization. Leveraging personal experiences and ideas is encouraged at Salesforce, where a beginner's mindset is highly appreciated. Kiran believes that fresh perspectives, voiced confidently, contribute to an individual's uniqueness and value within the company.


Offering advice to those seeking mentors, Kiran emphasizes the importance of finding someone who enables, empowers, and champions personal growth. A mentor, according to Kiran, should serve as an example of what one aspires to become. In Kiran's mentorship journey, this commitment to fostering growth, passion, and authenticity has left an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to be guided by her.


“Leaning into what makes you happy in the work that you do drives confidence and, in turn, gives you the courage to challenge yourself in areas that might not have been so comfortable before.”

-Kiran Chaudhry


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Kiran's story is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, illustrating how one individual's dedication can create a ripple effect, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.