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How Eva Discovered Her Career Path

January 17, 2024

Eva Sennrich transitioned from design to programming and unlocked a career she didn’t think was possible after completing Futureforce Tech Launchpad.


In 2021, Eva joined the brand new Futureforce Tech Launchpad program, a 10-week computer science course designed by Salesforce and powered by CodePath to teach rising juniors full-stack web development. 


At the time of this interview, Eva was a senior computer science major at Florida International University. We caught up with her to chat about how Futureforce Futureforce changed her career path and what the future holds for this designer-turned-programmer.


Tell us about yourself are and your background.
I am Eva Sennrich, a senior student majoring in Computer Science at Florida International University (FIU). I’m from Nicaragua, and I moved to the USA in 2019. My academic journey has been focused on Interior Design and Architecture. However, when my husband told me about computer science and the opportunities CodePath offers to students, I knew I had to choose between design and programming. I researched both majors and realized the potential programming had for my future, so I made the decision to transition into computer science. This decision not only changed my academic focus but also significantly impacted my life. Without the help of CodePath and Salesforce’s Tech Launchpad program, I would not have gotten the technical experience nor the feeling of security for my professional career.


What specific domains within computer science interest you?
My specific interests within computer science include software development and UI/UX design.


What made you apply to the Salesforce Futureforce Tech Launchpad program, and what was the experience like?
I applied to the program because I saw the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in full-stack development and the chance to solidify my professional career. My experience was both impactful and empowering because, aside from all the knowledge I acquired, I realized I had made the right choice of major while also allowing me to discover my passion for technology and helping others who are in the same uncertain situation. 


What were the biggest takeaways from Futureforce Tech Launchpad?
My biggest takeaways from the Futureforce Tech Launchpad program include gaining hands-on experience with industry professionals, discovering how real-world applications work, and the importance of working together as a team to make an application fully functional. Being involved in various projects not only improved my technical skills but also refined my problem-solving and collaboration skills.


How has the program changed your thinking about your future career path?
Initially, when I transitioned from design to computer science, I considered pursuing a design path within this major, such as UI/UX design. However, after participating in the Futureforce Tech Launchpad program, I can now confidently affirm that my top priority is programming. I am incredibly grateful to this program’s amazing community because I now see myself in a future I once thought was impossible.


What would you tell a future student about the program?
I would encourage future students not to doubt their skills for a minute and to apply, regardless of any reservations they may have about their application. The program is an incredible opportunity for professional growth that will help you sharpen your technical skills. 


What are you working on now, and what are you looking forward to in the future?
Currently, I am finishing my last semester as a senior student while working on personal software development projects. In the future, I am excited about the prospect of returning to Salesforce as a software engineer employee, where I aim to continue learning and growing professionally in my career. 

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The Futureforce Tech Launchpad program was created by Salesforce in 2021 to cultivate the next generation of tech leaders. Powered by CodePath, Launchpad is a 10-week program designed to teach rising junior computer science students full-stack web development, offer 1:1 mentorship with Salesforce engineers, and give students the experience of working at one of the largest tech companies in the world. The program culminates in a capstone project, with students forming groups to create a new application and present it to Salesforce engineering executives. Interested?  Learn more about the program.