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Walterri Mäntyharju's Journey: From Finland to Salesforce Dublin

Cori Lanigan

June 10, 2024

Meet Walterri Mäntyharju. Born and raised in Finland, he found himself drawn to the opportunities beyond his homeland. After completing his education near the Swedish border, Walterri set his sights on a career abroad.


Turning to LinkedIn, Walterri discovered the tech sales scene in Dublin, with Salesforce standing out as an enticing prospect. Upon connecting with a fellow Finland resident already working at Salesforce Dublin, Walterri embarked on a two-and-a-half-hour conversation that solidified his decision to join the company.


Arriving in Dublin, Walterri found not just a job, but a welcoming community of colleagues who quickly became friends. Together, they explored the city's streets, ventured to neighboring towns, and embraced outdoor activities.

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At Salesforce Dublin, Walterri found a culture that surpassed his expectations—an inclusive and dynamic environment where work felt like a shared adventure. Here, relationships flourished, both within the Salesforce family and among the broader community.

As Walterri reflects on his journey, he does so with gratitude for the experiences and connections that have enriched his life. From Finland to Salesforce Dublin, his story exemplifies the transformative power of embracing new opportunities and forging meaningful connections in unfamiliar places.

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