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Lessons in Leadership from a Customer Success Trailblazer

Pragya Sharma

November 14, 2023

Diti Manasata, Director, Professional Services Global Delivery Centers

Diti Mansata has worn multiple hats throughout her 16-year professional journey — but never anticipated that Salesforce Director would be one of them.

Now three years into her Salesforce tenure, Diti is a leader within our Professional Services organization, guiding a team of 130+ to support unprecedented levels of customer success.

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When opportunity comes knocking

So, how did Diti — who previously worked within mid-sized companies — find herself at a large, enterprise organization?

“I was at a women’s leadership conference in Bengaluru when I happened to mention to a friend that I was interviewing with a company called Vlocity [now Salesforce Industries],” shared Diti. “When she said the company had been acquired by Salesforce, I was quite surprised.”

Though Diti was hesitant to jump to a large company, she was convinced to make the leap after speaking with the hiring team and seeing Salesforce’s acquisition vision and roadmap. Both gave her a clear picture of what to expect on the road ahead. “Even though the pandemic had kicked in and I could only meet the team virtually, it was a smooth transition and a warm welcome for me,” she said.

Since then, Diti has made a significant impact, contributing her expertise to consulting, pre-sales, and delivery within Salesforce. She currently serves as Director, Professional Services Global Delivery Centers, leading the Communications & Revenue Cloud industry practices. She leads a team of Managers, Senior Managers, and Senior Architects across the company.


Creating space for trust and authenticity

Diti Manasata with her Professional Services team.

What makes Salesforce a place where Diti can thrive? She attributes it to the foundation of trust and authenticity.

“Trust is the key Salesforce value that resonates with me,” said Diti. “I know my senior leaders trust me. There is the same level of trust between me and my team members, too.”

However, Diti knows this trust must be earned. She has a word of advice for those aspiring to join Salesforce: “Be honest about your work — and the organization will take care of everything else. Salesforce is an ocean full of opportunities. And it is not just opportunities in terms of professional assignments, but the ones you get to choose alongside your work.”

“Be honest about your work; the organization will take care of everything else.”

Striking the right balance between work and home


Diti and her family standing in front of water and landscape outside
Diti with her family.

For Diti, those opportunities focus around volunteerism, community building, and, of course, her family. And, oftentimes, they all come together at Salesforce.

“We have various interest-based communities within Salesforce,” said Diti. “For instance, I am part of a Slack group called Artforce Global — a whole group dedicated to showcasing creativity. Usually, I am motivated to create something over the weekend, so I can post it in the group on a Monday. My daughter joins me, too, which becomes an additional motivational factor for me.”

The Bengaluru resident also has a passion for giving back in her community — something that she says Salesforce makes easy.


“Our volunteering leaves — or Volunteer Time Off — makes it easier to do more on the volunteering front without compromising personal time off.”


Developing the right perspective for success

When asked what Diti attributes to her successful career, she emphasizes the importance of learning.

“I always tell people that they should be open to acquiring knowledge within their domain, as well as cross-domain training,” said Diti. “If you are willing to learn constantly, you will always grow. And you can’t be hesitant to ask questions, just because of the fear of how other people in the room will judge you.”

That attitude — paired with Diti’s always-on authenticity — is what has made her a leader in the Professional Services space .... and how she empowers others to elevate their own careers.

“Remember: The best leadership quality is to be your authentic self, and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities.”

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