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The Perks of Working for Salesforce Mexico: What Employees Love About Their Jobs

Anabella Losada

July 01, 2024

For four years, Salesforce has been named one of the Best Workplaces to Work in Mexico — and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

With a growing employee base, newly-created Global Delivery Center, and thriving workplace in the heart of Mexico City, Salesforce has established a vibrant and thriving presence in the region. But don’t just take our word for it; from world-class benefits to a culture that fosters growth and collaboration, hear what our employees say they love most about Salesforce Mexico City.

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1. Inclusive Culture and World-Class Benefits

At Salesforce Mexico City, we’ve built a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive work culture that encourages our employees to perform their best — in work and in life.

"The benefits that Salesforce offers are world class, and I've never had those benefits in any other job here in Mexico," shared Juan Manuel Alcántara, Senior Technical Consultant. "Salesforce prioritizes our wellbeing with wellness programs that we can use for our physical and mental health, and these ensure we maintain a healthy work-life balance."

A few stand-out wellness benefits according to our employees include:


  • Flexibility: When you join Salesforce, you’re met with the support to bring out your best — and that includes the flexibility to balance your work-life and your, well, life-life. In addition to the ability to take care of work priorities and personal matters, such as family responsibilities and medical appointments, our Mexico City employees are offered generous paid and flexible time off.
  • Wellbeing Reimbursement: At Salesforce, employees have the opportunity to be reimbursed for activities that drive wellbeing — from cooking courses to fitness classes. For Christian Caballero, Manager of Technical Consulting in Mexico City, that has meant tapping in to his passion for music. “I started taking music classes, which motivate me daily, all with a 100% reimbursement from Salesforce,” shared Christian. “This way, I have been able to meet more people, feel better, and above all, it’s free of any personal cost.”
  • Hybrid Work: Salesforce has always been a hybrid-work company, and our leaders are empowered to make decisions for their teams about where and how they work best. While we love being in our Mexico City office for collaboration and connection — critical to our culture — Mexico City empowers its employees to maintain productivity while balancing their personal responsibilities.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Employee wellbeing is critical here at Salesforce, which is why we’re proud to offer employees confidential support and resources for various personal and work-related challenges. EAP includes professional counseling, financial advice, legal assistance, and other resources to help employees navigate difficult situations.

“It makes me very happy that my team and my direct leadership have expressed their unconditional support to help me achieve my goals. It's the support I had always been looking for.”

2. Ample opportunities for growth

At Salesforce, we’re invested in our employees’ ongoing learning and development — giving them the tools and resources they need to continue thriving in tech. The hands-on experience with our cutting-edge, AI-driven technology allows our employees to stay at the forefront of their fields, develop their technical expertise, and shape the future of the tech industry.

Of course, it’s not only about our own technology; Salesforce Mexico also supports employees in exploring different areas of the business and expanding their skill sets. Our internal mobility programs, for instance, give employees the option to move between departments, roles, and functions based on their interests and career aspirations.


Discover how two women at Salesforce Mexico grew their careers in Sales — and in leadership — in our recent blog post.


For Technical Architect Javier Flores, this mobility took shape when he was offered a position at the Salesforce Global Delivery Center in Mexico City, a new area of the business that helps drive success for customers across Latin America.


“Being part of the Global Delivery Center in Mexico was a great opportunity that came my way, and I did not hesitate to accept it due to all the benefits it could bring me both personally and professionally,” shared Javier. “I am someone who likes to think about the future and, above all, to learn. One of my favorite benefits is that Salesforce reimburses us for the money we invest in our education.”


That annual education reimbursement can be used for tuition, fees, books, and supplies for job-related courses that help advance our employees’ careers and interests — from AI coursework to presentation design. For Software Engineering leader Tania Vazquez Hernandez, the reimbursement has allowed her to dig into more technical work.


“In my career, it is necessary to learn various programming languages, and thanks to this program, Salesforce has covered these courses with which I strengthen my technical skills,” share Tania.


Salesforce Mexico City also offers a range of internal workshops — and Trailhead courses — that focus on everything from soft skills to leadership development to overall wellbeing. By investing in your growth, the team is creating an environment where you can be your best self, do your best work, and make a real difference.


3. A supportive workplace — around the globe

While your job may be based in Mexico City, Salesforce opens up opportunities for you around the globe. With 72,000+ employees across 30+ countries, employees everywhere are encouraged to connect, collaborate, and grow their network across the world.

One way this is done? Joining one of Salesforce’s 13 Equality Groups — employee-led groups that help foster connection and community around the globe. Mexico City Director, Customer Success Management Noemi Hernandez Guerrero, has been able to build relationships near and far through Salesforce Women’s Network, an Equality Group for women and allies. “In my first months joining Salesforce, I set myself to connect with great leaders in the organization and worked to launch the first Equality Group in the region,” shared Noemi in her recent career story.


Others’ Salesforce career journeys have started in other countries and eventually led them to Mexico. For instance, Akash Banerjee, Senior Technical Architect, recently relocated from India to Mexico City — and this move has opened up new doors to thinking and collaborating.


“Cross-technology and cross-cultural collaboration is a way of life at Salesforce,” shared Akash. When I got the opportunity to relocate to Mexico from India in early 2024, I jumped at it immediately. The prospect of setting up a delivery center, hiring and interacting with the local talent, and discovering a fresh perspective of delivering the same great Salesforce experience to our customers, was too good to be passed up. Salesforce has ensured a smooth transition, while the new team has welcomed us with open arms.”


And, he’s not alone. “As someone who had a global career, Salesforce has provided me with opportunities to interact with my peers around the world,” said Mexico City-based Director, Delivery, Ashok Raghupathy. “I have set up teams in India and now in Mexico, and these kind of opportunities allow you to learn and grow both personally and professionally. ”


So, what are you waiting for?

At Salesforce, you're not just joining a company — you're becoming part of a community that champions your success both inside and outside of work. Don’t miss the chance to blaze your trail, transform your career, and shape the future of technology.

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