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Roles in AI Research.

Drive research advancements in the field of AI and develop trusted products.

Salesforce AI advances techniques to pave the path for new AI research directions, innovative products, and applications that leave a positive impact on society. Our team drives AI innovation across pure research, applied research, and new product incubation. We bring companies and customers together using AI that is explainable, transparent, and accountable.

Where we hire:
United States and Singapore

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Salesforce AI Research offers diverse AI talent and the thrill of learning and collaborating with researchers during my internship. The opportunity to translate research into products and the chance to continue both aspects post-graduation inspired me to join full-time.

Meghana Bhat

Applied Research Scientist

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Former intern to research scientist and manager, I experienced exceptional mentorship, diverse learning, and witnessed the remarkable growth of Salesforce AI Research. The flexible environment, valued innovation, and impactful AI products offer an opportunity to bridge expertise and contribute through volunteering.

Jason Wu

Senior Manager, Research

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At Salesforce, I began as a summer research intern delving into deep learning and now in my full-time role, I play a key role in building the pilot stage AI product ApexGuru, that leverages large language models to fix inefficient pieces of Salesforce customer implementations. Witnessing the rise of Generative AI up close, my experience here has not only honed my research skills but also offered rewarding challenges that lead to products that customers truly love.

Akhilesh Deepak Gotmare

Senior Research Staff

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Salesforce AI Research offers a unique blend of research excellence, collaborative teams, personal growth, and impactful contributions to the Salesforce product landscape. With strong leadership and technical support, executing projects like CodeGen and ProGen2 is unparalleled, emphasizing a warm culture and social ethics.

Erik Nijkamp

Senior Research Scientist

How Salesforce’s AI Research Team Drives Product Innovation

Latest jobs.

Come shape the future of AI. As part of our team, you’ll tackle real world problems, creating high-impact research, and influencing the industry standard for fair and ethical use of artificial intelligence — building solutions that benefit everyone.

Salesforce Research

Senior/Lead Applied Responsible AI Research Scientist

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Interview process.

Our process includes an hour-long interview with one to two researchers who explore the details of your projects, including your decision-making process and the logic behind your work. They also ask broader questions to assess your understanding of machine learning and deep learning. Additionally, they seek to understand the computational tools and infrastructure you used for experimentation and any challenges you faced.

Learn more about AI at Salesforce.

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