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Drive operational excellence and design programs to support the company and its people.

Our Finance, Legal, Employee Success, Communications and Corporate Marketing teams provide the operational excellence, programs, and tools to support our rapidly growing business. The same goal unites us: to deliver domain expertise that moves the business forward in an ethical, compliant, and innovative way.

Where we hire:
United States and Canada
Europe, Middle East, Africa
India, Australia, Singapore

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I started as an Employee Success intern at Salesforce and now I am an Emerging ES grad. I am part of the 18-month ES rotational program in India which has proved to be a fantastic learning experience for me. Every day, I discover fascinating aspects of the Employee Success world, from recruiting to university engagements, business partner strategies, rewards policies, and operations. It's incredible to witness the hard work and enthusiasm of all the teams.

Sayan Modak

Emerging Employee Success Graduate

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I am so grateful for my experience at Salesforce both as an intern and a new grad. I was able to gain exposure to many areas throughout controllership and made great connections along the way. Coming back full time, I was eager to jump into my new role and felt very supported by my colleagues. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my experience at Salesforce.

Annie Davey

Associate Accountant

Interview process.

Our hiring process begins with an interview with a recruiter, followed by a few rounds of interviews with the hiring manager and team members. Prepare to discuss previous work experience, internships, Salesforce knowledge, and how your experience aligns with the role. If it's a match, an offer will be extended.

For India: The hiring process involves three stages. First, candidates undergo video resume screening, where they record a 2-3 minute video articulating their profile and why they are a suitable fit. Shortlisted candidates then proceed to give a 2-minute presentation on the designated topic. Successful candidates progress to the case round, presenting a pre-received case to the hiring manager within a 30-45 minute timeframe, including an 8-minute case presentation followed by Q&A and discussion.

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Leading Our Legal Team with Values: How We Drive Positive Outcomes and Elevate Equality

I’ve been at Salesforce 16 years, and so I’ve got the benefit of the long view in figuring out what makes a company and a legal team successful and enduring. Great products are important, to be sure. But real success comes from inspiration.

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How Salesforce’s Global Real Estate is Driving Success from Anywhere

The future of work is here. With our Success from Anywhere approach, employees now have the flexibility to work how, when, and where works best for them.

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A New ‘Environmental Capitalism’ Is Needed: Benioff and Other Salesforce Execs Speak At Davos

Salesforce was founded with a vision to be a different kind of company — one that wanted to change the way the world does business while improving the state of the world.

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